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Movie under quarantine: coronavirus lyutuet Movie news 19.03.2020 at 22:13

Information-analytical on-line magazine about cinema news, reviews, analysis of domestic and foreign cinema business.

The Decline of attendance of the Russian cinemas, new infected, and another star cancel Prime in a large digest.

Hollywood Studio cancelled a large number of major world premieres, which was to be held in March and April of this year. Russian cinemas are getting more than 75% of the fees from foreign movie.

the Magazine "Variety," advances the hypothesis that the current crisis can forever change the industry. They have published great stuff on this topic. The film industry is faced with 3 questions:

- How painful will the dismissal of the underpaid workers in the sector?

- How high are the financial losses?

- How the business will cope with an unprecedented Domino effect in the traditional Hollywood calendar?

a Large number of hastily cancelled Premier events and will have an impact after 2020.

Meanwhile, the stars continue to talk on social networks about their positive results on Covid-19. For example, actress Rachel Matthews, known for the films "Happy day of the dead", the series "looking for Alaska" and "Batwoman", reported in social networks about the discovery of the coronavirus, and the quarantine where she is from last week.

Have celebrities to cancel and happy events: Actress Emma stone and her fiancé took the decision to cancel the wedding ceremony. Thus, the pair did not endanger infecting the Covid-19 guests.

, Continues a series of cancelled long-awaited releases: "Universal" and "Illumination" has decided to delay the release of "star wars: Gravitacija", which was supposed to appear in cinemas 3 July. The new date is not yet established.

Also delayed the project, which had reunited the main cast from the TV series "Friends". Start filming planned for next week, but because of the coronavirus will begin shooting as early as may.

But not all of the projects succumbed to the world crown-madness. For example, the series "the Crown" from Netflix completed filming of the fourth season. But despite a coherent policy in the field of Netflix schedule of releases, the release date of the tape on the screens is unknown.

In Russia the epidemic is detrimental, no less. Russian cinema has approached the government on the recognition of a situation of force majeure. These measures are necessary to stop paying rent shopping centers. And also, please reduce utility bills and taxes.

theatre Actors invent new forms of interaction with the audience. Actors of Moscow theaters live every day on their Instagram will be to read your favorite tales of childhood. In the flashmob "the Tale at home" was attended by Anatoly Bely, Alexander Revenko, Gregory Servant.