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Vkontakte. As you throw, all the ways.

Serega's blog Goncharova 20.03.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet

Hello to all who reads it!

In this article I will tell you the tricks of fraudsters and how you throw or trying to breed.

let's Start.

a Familiar pattern. Receive a message from a friend.

hi. (It usually starts the conversation, the scammer tests your friendliness). You answer him you Can throw money, I'll return it tomorrow

This is a Scam. To check, simply have to give the money in person. The scammer will assure that he needs the money now and only. Also ask a question that only this person knows the answer. In the end, try to contact your friend by phone. So you will understand that it is not necessary to transfer money. Can also ask your credit card details.

Another divorce is when you or where not involved and did not repost, and suddenly comes a message that you have won. You only need to translate a small amount of money for the postage. Just wait you will be sending beskonechnosti.

Divorce on birthday. Very similar to the previous one. Only offers the free gift came for the happy occasion.

the Way of divorce are also questionable proposal of earnings. Especially those which require you attachment.

attempts to steal your data and passwords to log in to Vkontakte will be an alert message that you are trying to crack. What do you recommend to follow a link to confirm enter the data. You find yourself on the fake web page, and the details of fraud.

so far I've only encountered such scams. If You have encountered even with some methods of fraud, then write about it in the comments

that's it.

All the while, and thank you for your attention!

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