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Russia proved to the world that sanctions her overweening

Shnyaga.No - educational-entertainment blog 21.03.2020 at 15:44

Shnyaga.No, informative and entertaining blog

In Germany it has long been said about the inappropriateness of the sanctions imposed against Russia. Primarily this affects agricultural producers, in response to the sanctions the EU, USA and other countries, Russia has banned the import into Russia of fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products. This has hit the economies of several countries, including Germany. That's why every day, so the deputies argue for the restoration of trade with Russia.

for Example, the head of the Committee on economy and energy Klaus Ernst said that without the crisis over pandemic sanctions against Russia far they are not gone.

In the Bundestag, not a few supporters of the idea of restoring relations with Moscow. So, a member of the international Committee of Gerdt Waldemar pointed to the fact that neighbors need to stick together and restore trade with Russia.

the Sanctions regime has lasted for the last six years. In connection with the events in Ukraine, in 2014 the European Union and the United States closed the door to Russia. What those sanctions were? From 1 August 2014 the European Union has banned Russian companies and banks to use the credit from Western banks. Also, the EU imposed restrictions on supplies to Russia of arms, military equipment, high-tech equipments and technologies for extraction of oil.

the United States imposed a ban on entry to some high-ranking officials from Russia, the export of American goods, technologies and services to Crimea.

In response, Russia has banned EU countries, USA, Australia, Canada and Norway to import into Russia of food products. That turned out that Russia will have lost nothing, on the contrary, was in a favorable position in the face of economic shocks, pandemic coronavirus and the war in oil prices.