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Fashion headwear. How and what to wear?

Article 20.03.2020 at 15:40

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Headwear has its own fashion. But more importantly fashion is a form of person to which selected cap.

How to determine face shape?

the first Step: ask to take a picture of yourself full face, better camera phones. The camera must be parallel to the face. Selfie is better not to do, because it distorts facial proportions.

the second Step: in the graphical editor, with a brush outline the face contour. If you have straight bangs, then trace the face should excluding the bangs, that is, rule out the bangs of the circled circuit.

Straight bangs visually shorten the face, it is possible to adjust the correct cap. Oblique bangs less influence on the shape of the face, because they can be easy to brush away to the side.

the third Step: look closely at the resulting figure. It will be oval or round with small features. For example, it may be a pointy chin, and his face will resemble a triangle. Or high cheekbones will make oval square form. In individuals with a straight fringe form will be close to a circle or square.

Consider your face. If found deviations from the oval is the perfect face shape – adjust them with hairstyles, makeup, or hats. Of the tips below to choose recommendations based on face shape determined.

the Types of women's hats and face shape

For the oval face type suitable cap, beret, baseball cap, hat. Oval face shape is considered ideal in proportions, therefore, possible to experiment within the style of clothes and appearance contrast.

Also oval face will suit a modern version of the cap FEZ with tassel – shaped the original headgear of the Ottoman officials and soldiers.

Variations on a theme of FEZ, only with an oval bottom, look at Giorgio Armani. They look elegant and feminine.

For round and square faces it is better to choose the options that will visually pull the head off. And will emphasize the features of the face, for example, round cheeks or high cheekbones. With this role copes hat beanie in a chunky yarn, which became a standard everyday style.

Slim-fitting caps, beanie, leave the store. They will emphasize the undesirable features of the face.

will Buy a cap and a beret! They should be worn, putting on the crown, do not pull on the head as a whole.

Hats and caps are not the owners of the oval face should wear with caution.

the Female cap and style

In second place when choosing a hat is style. Because a woman loves to change. In everyday life she is a businesswoman at the weekend – a caring mother, lady sports or glamorous diva. Of course, for those roles are different styles of clothing.

an effective company business outdoor the image will be berets, hats, FEZ and even the classic tweed and wool cap.

the baseball Cap and Binnie safely operate the set for a relaxing weekend.

Hat and scarf: how to combine coat

Kits in a cool time of the year it is necessary to dilute colored accessories: hats and scarves perfectly cope with it. Hats are inexpensive, so you can buy a few options and change depending on the dress code and mood.

Coat thanks to the classic shape unfussy to the headdress. Only consider the style in which you create the image and place of the meeting, to not have to hastily hide the hat in my purse.

With a coat for work you can wear a cap, hat and plain scarf without a pattern. Even the turban may be, if the coat is simply cut. By the way, do not forget about the handkerchief. He will always give elegance to the image. Spend a fun time outdoors with your children in the cap Bini bright colors, with an oversized scarf and bold bag.

Fashion trends

the latest trend hats this season feature bold textures and shapes.

Tired of caps and hats? Try the option of Panama to the cold, plain or with a leopard pattern or with text like Off-white. Acute and Panama true look of patent leather. They instantly freshen the look.

Want romance? Hats and berets again began to decorate the veil. Now she covers her face and decorates the crown or the top of the beret as Dior. A hat with a wide brim era Jane Eyre will give head romantic person. Such can be seen y Fendi.

Examples of stylish hats and baseball caps find the DSquared2 show.

Today, we've examined the question of the selection of hats. Now to choose will become easier, there was certainty as to include them in the kits. Do not stop experiment! Fashion changes regularly, new actual options. Accessories is the mirror of fashion.

More about style watch the Youtube channel of the author of "Fashion from the mind"