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The main disappointment in the Sony PlayStation 5. Backward compatibility in the Xbox Series X far more impressive ProAudio 22.03.2020 at 00:50 ( is a specialized Russian analytical server, covering hardware, personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile communications and peripherals, gaming and much more.

In the network appeared the details about backward compatibility game console Sony PlayStation with 5 games under the console of the previous generation.

Previously, Sony said that the new consoles will be available to the vast majority of games for the PS4. However, earlier rumors were talking about backward compatibility with consoles more "ancient" generations — PS3, PS2 and PS1.

As it turned out, hope it is not worth it. Authoritative thematic Kotaku editor Jason Schreier (Jason Schreier) disappointed fans of PlayStation. He said on the social network Twitter that interviewed several sources about the rumors about PS1-PS3 and no one has confirmed directly that they are true in most cases, they joked or laughed at them. The Schreyer said that for him, this idea sounds like "nonsense."

the Competing Xbox Series X from Microsoft in this respect far more impressive. For it is not promise support for every game under the Xbox One, but gamers will be able to play on the new console, most of Xbox 360 games and even a game for the original Xbox.

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