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The anecdote about the student in the exam according to the logic of

Pectrum 22.03.2020 at 13:49

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In one Institute exam on logic. The Professor asks the student:— Imagine that the helicopter is 200 bricks. Suddenly one brick in a freak accident fell into an open manhole. Now how many bricks in a helicopter?— The helicopter remained 199 bricks.— You have answered right. Now tell me, how can three actions to put in the fridge hippopotamus?— It is necessary to open the door, push inside the Hippo fridge and then the door cover.— Great. And what four actions need to be made to push an antelope in the fridge?— Need the door to open, remove from the fridge Hippo, to put instead of it an antelope, and then close the door.— True. Now imagine that old hallowed lion came birthday. To visit him went all the animals, except one animal. Who did not come?— The antelope, because she's still locked inside the fridge. Great! But tell me, can an old lady to cross the river where alligators live?— Of course, Yes. Because the old lion still birthday, and the gators went to him. to celebrate.— Right. And the last question: this grandmother had crossed the river without crocodiles, but still died. So, student, why grandma died?— Uh-uh-uh — confused student, Perhaps my grandmother had a heart attack?— No, it's the wrong answer. This grandmother of fallen bricks, which in the beginning fell out of the hatch of the helicopter, if you still remember about it. Well, I'll see you in a week to retake it!

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