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Video: the strength of the glass Volkswagen Golf checked out a homemade Bazooka 24.03.2020 at 14:15

Automotive edition

, the Authors YouTube channel CarHax checked the strength of the side Windows of the Volkswagen Golf normal. They tried to split the bearing with a hammer and a homemade Bazooka that shoots the banks of Coca-Cola.

the First thing thrown in glass "Golf" is a metal ball weighing 507 grams. Then strength tested with a hammer weighing nearly half a kilogram and a hammer, weighing nearly five pounds. The last challenge was a series of shots of a homemade pneumatic "Bazooka": first, a can of Cola, then a metal ball.

Video: CarHax

In the past year, bloggers have experienced a sedan Lada 21099 in conditions close to a nuclear explosion. The car was brought to the landfill and exposed to a blast wave from a shock tube with a diameter of five meters, which is used for testing military equipment.

And you just Golf?