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How to change the speed and autonomy on iOS 13.4 — the largest website about iPhone, iPad, Mac in Russia 25.03.2020 at 11:00

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IOS 13.4 worsened the autonomy of some iPhone, but increased the speed of their work

Yesterday Apple released final version iOS 13.4. It was the largest update since the release of iOS 13. Anyway, no update had not included so many innovations, most of which represented not just a communicating function, and quite significant changes that could affect how we use our devices. Most of all, of course, the lucky customers that received the support of trackpads, the new cursor and advanced capabilities to interact with hot keys. But what about real performance and autonomy?

Why iOS 13.4 the most important update since the release iPadOS

a Leading YouTube channel iAppleBytes, specializing in the study of differences in different versions of iOS, conducted a visual comparison of six models of the iPhone iOS and iOS 13.3.1 13.4. The role of the subject, he chose the iPhone SE iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone, iPhone XR and 11 – that is, in fact, the most popular smartphone models, which are the vast majority of users.

the speed Comparison between iOS 13.3.1 and 13.4

In the test of practical performance, which consists in the successive opening installed applications and interface transitions, iOS 13.4 showed itself only on the positive side. In almost all stages of testing – from speed how to speed run ON, including standard and third party – updated OS showed a small but clear advantage over iOS 13.3.1.

Despite the fact that growth is difficult to call really noticeable, because the difference in favor of iOS 13.4 was only fractions of a second, it is clear that Apple has carried out work on optimization of the software part. This is most noticeable when you turn and stability, the updated machines are running applications, bypassing their rates to install the update.

iOS 13.4 the function of the recovery OS in the air. But it does not work

But in synthetics changes almost did not happen. Run all of the smartphones before and after the upgrade showed that their performance remained at the same level. But this only confirms the assertion that Apple really worked on the optimization and preservation of past performance computing power made apps and iOS itself to run slightly faster than before.

the Comparison of the autonomy of iOS and iOS 13.3.1 13.4

as for autonomy, this is a stable and rosy. As shown in the experiment iAppleBytes, the increase in time of the battery showed only two smartphone – iPhone and iPhone SE XR. If the iOS 13.3.1 they worked for 3 hours, 7 minutes and 6 hours and 6 minutes, respectively, after upgrading to iOS 13.4 the indicators up to 3 hours, 11 minutes and 6 hours 20 minutes. Not that this increase could be considered a record, but the improvement is clearly evident. Especially because the rest of the smartphones, the numbers have changed for the worse.

the iPhone 6s iOS 13.3.1 – 3 hours 19 minutes, iOS 13.4 – 3 hours 18 minutes; iPhone 7: iOS 13.3.1 – 3 hours and 45 minutes, iOS 13.4 – 4 hours 22 minutes; iPhone 8 iOS 13.3.1 – 3 hours 32 minutes, iOS 13.4 – 3 hours 19 minutes; 11 iPhone: iOS 13.3.1 – 6 hours 59 minutes, iOS 13.4 – 6 hours 31 minutes.

iOS 13.4 allows the transfer of NFC car keys to using iMessage

it Turns out that, on the one hand, Apple has improved the functioning of their smartphones, and, on the other, on the contrary, worsened it. Here even to refer to the freshness update is impossible, since the measurements of each of the two versions of iOS was carried out immediately after installation, the iOS 13.3.1 – January 29, and iOS 13.4 – 24 Mar. That is, neither the one nor the other build didn't have time to get on the device more smoothly and demonstrate best value. However, given that after updating the indicators of autonomy have fallen in almost all test smartphones, which, by the way, had zero percentage of battery wear, there is hope that soon Apple will release iOS 13.4.1 and fix everything.

Apple made purchases in the App Store and Mac App Store overall

whether to install iOS 13.4 now? I think it is. Even if you forget about the innovations, of which there are indeed many, there are still plenty of bugs that Apple fixed in this update. The company not only fixed the Mail app, which has complained about Elon Musk, but eliminated the many other more minor bugs in the system and vulnerabilities. Well, because of what happened the decline of autonomy not so much, I think at this stage they can be neglected.