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How to make money with a cooking blog. Earnings on recipes

Real earnings in the Internet 05.04.2020 at 19:32

Our life

Greetings to all visitors of our blog! The theme of our next article “How to make money with a cooking blog.” This is our second publication.

In the previous m y you decided on the theme of your website, chose a domain name, hosting, website. And decided all the technical aspects for creating a website. And here is our site is no longer a figment of our imagination, but a real ship in the sea of the Internet. However, while it looks more like a toy boat, but this is just the beginning.

How to make money on a cooking website

But how to make a woman with the help of this website – not yet entirely clear. Why a woman? Agree that the woman is easier to do with a cooking site, because it is mainly doing the cooking. It can only capture it all on camera and describe in detail the whole process of cooking.

it would Seem, what could be simpler than writing recipes? But it was not so simple. For example, copied a recipe or article from another site – can have not very pleasant consequences for your blog. Such an article is unlikely to fall in the list of search engines Yandex and Google. And written his own article, but still with unique photos, soon will be able to occupy a place in the Top results of search engines. And it will be clear how the women make money online.

content Requirements

But in order to fill your site with good content, you need to know certain rules: what should be the size of the article, the correct occurrence of keywords in text, etc.

If you just fill the site with articles, the greater the likelihood that they will be able to read people (except you and your friends) will be reduced to a minimum. Each article should be written for a particular query in a search engine. This is called SEO optimization. But don't be put off by this terrible word.

after Reviewing many online material: how to write texts for the articles, optimize them for specific keywords queries – I came across one known in the Internet professional copywriter and teacher of courses on copywriting Yulia Wolfhound.

Very helpful, if you can write good, competent articles, you will be able to earn good money. You can write them not only for your website but also exposing them for sale. Unique articles is a very popular product on the Internet.

Extra income

Turn your computer keyboard into a tool for earning real money online! Video course includes:

— 12 step-by-step lessons in the form of screencasts;

— 5 extra lessons;

— check sheets and instructions for the lessons;

— support services and useful links.

Bonus 1: How to write articles fast if you slow print

Bonus # 2: cheat Sheet "10 tips for the novice copywriter"

Bonus # 3: Calculator income

Show an example on the same culinary theme, what I learned through this course.

just To be clear, that is copywriting. Everything you wrote in the school presentation. Copywriting is also the presentation of the text in your own words. The principle is this: write an article – place it on the exchange of articles – sell and get the money.

for Example take one or more recipes on a salad vinaigrette. Write your unique recipe of this dish. Next we come to the stock exchange articles and placed her in the category "cooking" for sale. For interest, please visit the exchange of articles, go to the category "cooking" and look at the price of recipes "salad", typing in the search "salad". Prices range from $1 to $5. And these articles actually sold there, do it myself. Think about it – how many day you will be able to write such articles?

In the course of copywriting you can learn not only the correct spelling of the texts, but also the different ways these texts to sell. In the lessons gives a clear video instruction how to register on the exchanges selling text, what price to set. All first-time students of the course, before placing articles for sale, send them first to check Yulia Wolfhound. She edits, corrects errors and gives recommendations.

some the question arises: who buys the article, and why?

For the promotion and website promotion – he always needs new articles. And the more the various headings on the website, so there should be more articles. And the more articles, the more visitors and blog readers, and, consequently, more revenue from the site. The owner of the site, are physically unable to write all the content on the website, Yes it already is not necessary. For the money that he earns on his website he can buy the finished article on the exchange. And women have the opportunity to earn online by writing articles. Because each person has a topic on which he will be able to write something interesting. And very good that you can still get the money.

How to monetize a website it is time to talk about monetization of your blog. Most importantly why we created the blog. To start, here are the main features of cash flow:

1. Contextual advertising. You need to partner with search engines Google and Yandex. Google takes their affiliate program even the young sites with little traffic. Yandex also imposes more stringent requirements. There was a time when the lower threshold of attendance was 500 uniques a day, then reduced it to 300. Now from 100.

How much can you earn on contextual advertising. It all depends on the attendance and theme of the blog. Cooking blogs the cost of clicks is small. It is important to achieve maximum attendance. 100 people will bring you no more than 2$ per month. 5000 for over 100 bucks.

a Little bit. Therefore limited to the context is not necessary.

2. Banners and teasers. You can place on your website ads with the demonstration of their teasers and banners. But you will get minor or one-time payment or pay per click. Will also be income, but small.

Affiliate program 3. Affiliate program. The main emphasis should be done on the affiliate program. You become a partner of goods popular with your target audience. In our case, the culinary website mostly women. What they are most curious about? Recipes, parenting, health, spirituality (astrology, fortune-telling).

Here in this region you should look for an affiliate program. Your website can bring you very significant traffic, so you should use it for their own purposes and not to forward it to third-party resources. Where to find affiliate programs? Drive in the search string query: “aggregators of affiliate programs”. You are out and advertising these programs and rating. Look for products for weight loss, cooking, parenting.

log in to the system, choose goods, get your affiliate link and advertise it on your website by inserting it in the article or dedicate to the selected product a publication and give it your affiliate link.

the Income from selling affiliate products can reach more than 100 thousand rubles, depending on the traffic of your blog. There are examples: if the traffic of 3000 visitors per day income exceeded 150 thousand rubles.

4. Create your personal product. For example, a collection of unique recipes and sell it, for example on Poparte . It is also an aggregator of affiliate programs where you can register as a seller and as a partner. It is also a lot of products that you can promote through your website, get up to 70% of the cost of goods sold.

Applying the above ways to monetize your site is not more than a year, when the daily publication of articles and promotion of the website you will be able to reach the level of 3 thousand daily visitors and earn from 50 to 200 thousand rubles a month.

5. Very profitable way to monetize the culinary (and not only) blog — collection of the subscription base. this can even double your income. But the question is not simple and a topic for another conversation. Services email newsletters pay, the prices are biting. Subscription basis, with a good attendance can assemble very quickly and having a good income with a blog, be sure to get to work with her.

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