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Shade No. 21 "Himalayan salt" one tile - the Goods for saunas and baths from the manufacturer 11.04.2020 at 21:40

Buy wooden furniture and accessories for Your baths, saunas and garden easier. Speak to the manufacturer. Delivery to Russia.

You probably already heard about the benefits of salt lamps for health. Our store of accessories for baths and saunas offering you to buy the original interior solution – lampshade "Himalayan salt". It performs the functions of a conventional lampshade for wall light, hiding her from prying eyes and scattering light, and is good for health because it contains Himalayan salt. Attractive design – an additional advantage of this product.

You want to make your sauna or steam bath the most cozy, comfortable and "healthy"? We have everything you need. Natural wood, quality construction, attractive design, affordable price – call us!

the Best products for baths and saunas from the manufacturer on the website

Overall size: Width 250 mm, height 330 mm, thickness 80 mm.

Material: Lime, Himalayan salt one tile.

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