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Apple wants to improve Magic Mouse

Entertainment 12.04.2020 at 01:10

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Apple already for a long time did not updated their corporate manipulator. However, if you look at the latest according to other opinions regarding the same how to improve Magic Mouse, the cupertinos (for)to chew. One of the possible options is described in a new patent application by Apple.

the Engineers propose to cause a mouse with variable geometry of the housing. Thus, the juggler will be able to adapt bottom arms of different size and different grip though. This cupertinos want to join the mouse in special electric drives, which allow you to raise and lower the top coupon of the manipulator, as well as to rebuild its width.

About in order to prevent the appearance of cracks presence changes the shape of the hull, the engineers propose to some extent to change the approach to the creation of the Magic Mouse. In particular, the font in the future Apple mouse may be the sister of overlapping elements.

Pure usually, now in bond there is no specific information about when Apple may pokharacity implement described in the patent the idea. The patent portfolio of Apple company to devour a lot of interesting developments. In any case many of them) such an extent was never embodied in the serial device.