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The IPhone 7 is also able to remove water from the hull

Entertainment 17.04.2020 at 01:10

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This fall was provided with an updated version of smart hours Apple Watch, the one with the interesting features of which was the mechanism for manually removing trapped at the time of water. As it turned out, God knows what this is and in iPhone 7.

Wotan Reddit user with the nickname PointlessPankcake found, and the use of special apps from iPhone 7, you can scrape water. As of course, the new "Apple" smartphone is waterproof, but it is not a full shelter, and water inside the iPhone 7 to get to this time can.

no more and No less faced with this PointlessPankcake, the IME decided to listen to their "seven", while in the shower. Eventually getting into the smartphone waters ceased to sit at work speaker, and all attempts to pull out the water were unsuccessful. Here PointlessPankcake downloaded from the App Store app Sonic generating (TPE)ringing at different frequencies, and run it get affected by water iPhone. In the future, busting a number of frequencies PointlessPankcake stayed at 165 Hz, near which the mobile began to "cough" the water out of the speakers.

After complete removal of water from an iPhone 7 app Sonic sound problems no longer observed. Intricate to say whether it was the responsibilities of the originally conceived near the development of smartphone and remove if the iPhone 7 is a typical mechanism of its launch. Apple Watch Series 2, recall, is able to "vycherkivaete" water in excess of use of third-party applications. Exactly-whatever it is — your sample remove water from iPhone 7 is. And not regular means.