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Samsung is developing a smartphone with a revolutionary 600 MP camera

Reviews and tests on 21.04.2020 at 06:58

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Many years of smartphone makers chasing megapixels, thus trying to attract a new audience to their devices. But at some point, first HTC and then Apple showed that it is not the number of pixels that can shoot smartphone camera and how much light they can take each pixel on the matrix. In the end, for almost ten years the industry standard was a value between 8 and 12 MP, but to those who tried to offer more, treated with disdain. But everything changed last year when the market was flooded with first 48 MP systems, then 64 MP. The peak was 108 MP camera, presented in December 2019. But, apparently, this is not the limit — Samsung, for example, is developing a smartphone with a revolutionary 600 Megapixel camera.