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SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 21.04.2020 at 15:04

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

Hello! Tell me how I'm doing than doing what is generally going on in my life and work.


the Mood in our encyclopedias webmasters who have done news sites and so screwed up (starting in 2018). So another crisis and fierce performance of world-wide have added fuel to the fire.

Instead work to raise the already weak economy, people are forced to isolate themselves. Thought was: "Oh all go to the Internet! Traffic will grow". As it is not so...

All went to the social. network and entertainment venues. "To eat, to shit and laugh" — vacation, after all! Over time, people gradually get bored, and they gradually return to Informatsionnyi for information – it is necessary to solve some everyday problems, find answers to questions, etc.

even if you have now a growing traffic in infosite (like me), the yield to aim down. Advertisers on vacation . Most businesses stopped. There is nothing to sell (except mask).

Here's the picture Yan:

CPMV and slowly fell, and now completely collapsed.

the Owners of the tourist sites do not envy. They don't seem to have the most unfortunate. I also started to do the tour. website, but something stopped me half way (thank God).

the General recession of activity in many areas of business. It can be felt. People do not know what awaits them tomorrow, so be wary to spend money. Even in our content shop less steel articles to order.

Write quality articles under the key (from TK to publish/relink). If you need information articles — write.

and I are still in a kind of stupor. Launched two new small website, but fill them slowly and not yet ready to put a lot of money. Waiting for everything to get better (or finally become a "bottom").

One infosayt sold for 265k. Part of the money left (I pour in new sites), some of the money invested in the cryptocurrency, some will save for a rainy day (I did not expect, but anything can happen).

— In search of ideas for Malostranska came across a cryptocurrency PRIZM, began to study and decided to take a chance and tossed the dough in one of the pools – Roy club.

Expected return: 15-20% (the first month is 5-10%) on the liabilities, without taking into account of course.

no urge to participate. This is purely my next experiment. Monthly reports will tell you how and what.

As you may remember, I have unsuccessfully experimented with Forextrend. Now, while I understand that there is a risk. A year ago I would have laughed at myself if I went into such a project. And now I'm already in it . Believed saw opportunities to try.

On the subject of risks, I feel that less than FXtrend. This is not a pyramid there are long-term social projects and businesses of ideology and goals for the years ahead. In the club interested hundreds/thousands real open-minded people, who earn good money, build teams, open new offices in different cities, etc. Plus there is the opportunity to build Ref.structure (9 levels) and to make investments REFs.

the Only problem is the rate of coins, it is constantly changing. But now it has fallen to the bottom and have hope/confidence that will grow (PRIZM-a community now merged and will try to improve the course). If included in the project, this would be it.

In General, if someone wants to participate, write. Will tell that as a Yes, answer the questions, prompt, where it is profitable to buy coins. The problem with the course is also solvable (you can get a guarantee on the course).

In the future, will likely buy different cryptocurrencies and I will keep the money in them. While it is necessary to understand and to learn.

in Addition to cryptocurrencies, studying the social.networks, YouTube and telegram. Always miss these threads by, now it's time to learn them. Time for a little while, but I will do something in these directions.

let's Start with the creation of telegram channel for the blog and my projects, earning money/Internet business. There will be posts, polls + some news / an important message from me.

Subscribe to my channel (@seoinvest)

— Plus venture to create an online store. Damn "self-isolation" has given motivation to start working on THEM. Now, many have noticed an increase in activity in eCommerce. While going through only the preparatory stage: the choice of engine, template, the transition to 1C:8 (was 7), etc.


offline, too, all the hard times. Shops were forbidden to open, and hire me + require to pay the RFP workers. We have 3 points in the lease (clothing). Everyone stood up and turned to costs.

All around began to try to squeeze out of you loot. Somewhere suddenly showed up debts for communal services, increased payments for for it. Cellular operators suddenly "accidentally" include any left services without your knowledge. Increase prices on everything. The ruble weakened against the dollar and the Thai baht...


on 15 March, we flew to Tay (on Koh Samui). Now here all wear masks, part of the cafés/restaurants take-out only, part of a closed, massage parlors and other entertainment options are also not working. But you can move freely (until 22 hours), you can drive to the beaches.

Live well. Rented this condo for 2 months (until may 15), swimming pool-exercise everything I love. A single lot of fruit, plenty of exercise, have a rest and sunbathe.

There is a lot of sun, gasoline is significantly cheaper, lots of free and cheap housing, very few tourists. Here for example, the most popular Chaweng beach day:

Not very crowded. The sunset here, of course, come people (mostly Thais), but compared to what it was a year ago – you can say "people net"

When did all this panic with Macaronesian, we did not respond. But when they began to stop the flight and to escalate the situation (shown in the media what is happening in India and Vietnam), we thought that in Russia it will be quieter.

the Uncertainty is annoying

Plus saw that Phuket has closed beaches, restricted movement around the island (in fact a mode of self-isolation). In times like these, it's probably better to sit in the hometown of a normal working place/Internet and work quietly.

So I bought tickets home. Of course the tickets went in 3 times. Unfastened 134k rubles for two in S7. Their loot was only in baht, had to use a credit card.

the next day the flight was canceled. S7 money back now does not return, though the tickets I bought return. Offers or to make a replacement ticket, or to obtain an annual certification on 134k +10%. Replace the not on that flight (canceled all scheduled flights). A certificate is given for one year and can be used only in s7.

it Remains only to shrug and live here (in Samui).

Extended the condo and the bike for a month. Ordered certificate, 2 times called in s7, but so far nothing received.

the stamp in the passport we machine extended until April 30, what happens next is not clear. Waiting for information, waiting, when will begin to fly planes and work shops.

in General, I noticed that the last couple of years constantly waiting for something. Standby mode is enabled. Expect increased traffic. Expect to increase revenue and growth of their projects. Waiting for economic growth, ruble appreciation and the improvement of life in Russia. Waiting, waiting, waiting. And we have to live now and not to waste energy on standby...

Waiting for your comments . How's it going with you?

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