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The Apple Watch can learn to warn about panic attacks

Entertainment 22.04.2020 at 01:10

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According to the author of the popular Youtube channel EverythingApplePro, in the future Apple smart watch can vasculitis to warn users about panic attacks and other attacks.

it is Supposed, something in the new features are illiterate the last role you need to play pulse oximeter. Such a sensor is able to examine the level of oxygen saturation of capillary paint, rumored to be in short one of the key pieces of the Apple Watch Series 6.

meanwhile, sources pointed out why the feature that allows you to observe the mental state of the user and do warning him of impending panic attacks, maybe unimportant (=unimportant) to appear in the Apple Watch Series 6. Literature note that the top-testing new options to cupertinos may need a lot of time aimlessly as the company want in hopes this feature to work offline and sarnese warned users.

In order to improve the accuracy of feature owners Apple watch will be able to manually adjust the symptoms. Thus, the amount of false positives deserves to decline significantly.