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Finder: Quick launch folders, VIDEO_TS

Entertainment 27.04.2020 at 01:10

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Double click on the icon of the VIDEO_TS folder only opens the folder but does not download the ee content in a "DVD player". So if you to a directory name, a parent on the part relative to this folder, add flare .dvdmedia, the system will turn the father's catalog in the package with a beautiful icon from the DVD player. And (now double click the the icon your grace immediately start "DVD player", one or the other will immediately begin the restoration of the film stored in a new "package".

the place in the properties .dvdmedia package is not forbidden to specify any someone another video player that supports DVD-video settings. VLC, for example — enter the program in the list to Open the program (Open with), and the following movie times fullness is loaded in VLC.

And before burning this way DVD take the disc extension .dvdmedia to put need not schedule the burn correctly perceive such a package and write down the drive in accordance with the standard DVD-Video.

PS And like ((fact) as) this one little benefit was noticed that the extension is needed to award the parent folder? Grateful) reader Vodianova for the sake of clarification, according to which the post has been corrected. Currently everything should kopete.