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We already know that the Chinese have learned to do the cool smartphones. And vacuum cleaner?

Reviews and tests on 27.04.2020 at 06:00

Reviews and tests of computers and computer accessories, as well as cell phones and PDAs

We All still pussyfoot smart vacuum cleaners, "scratching your head", afraid to waste money, and indeed we believe such a technique rather a vehicle for the cats inside the house, rather than a serious cleaning gadgets. But from the time when smart vacuum cleaner started to sell, it's been almost twenty years, and now they have already adapted to difficult harvesting conditions, and generally become smarter. And if from the cheapest (and top sales are such) are waiting to "it's at least something there figachit on the floor", what to expect from the robot cleaner for the price of a flagship smartphone? Yes, we also have no idea and so decided to test this technique in action.