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Review of the film "Tyler Rake: the Operation to rescue" Reviews 30.04.2020 at 16:16

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Former commando Tyler the Rail you have to turn down to pieces the whole Bangladesh to pull out of the captivity of local criminals of the son of an influential Indian drug cartel.

Tyler Rake, a former special forces soldier, suffering mental trauma, do not care about their own survival. He comes into every battle like last time, cracking down on enemies with the ease that would be envied Steven Seagal. In "the rescue Operation" enduring Rake performed by Chris Hemsworth employs a hired gunman, who in the story finds himself in the midst of decaying capital crime of Bangladesh. In Dhaka city, including the slums and is almost completely surrounded by rivers — the main character will perform a deadly mission to evacuate the kidnapped son of an Indian drug Lord from the clutches of the local mafia.

Director endless series of fights and shootings in "Operation rescue" was made by debutant Sam Hargrave. Director, first worked as a stuntman and stunt coordinator in many projects Marvel, brilliantly copes with the adaptation of another comic. The plot of the painting lay a graphic novel writers and producers the Russo brothers called "the City." In the original, the action of the story unfolding in Latin America, however, according to the authors, the creators decided to move the story to South Asia to avoid cliches.

to Save the viewer the feeling that he already saw it, alas, failed. "Operation rescue", like many films of its genre, however, does not claim to special originality. It seems that the main task of the filmmakers was to charge the viewer's adrenaline energy that the authors have obtained the highest level. Cleverly staged stunts and the amazing work of the operator Newton Thomas Siegel in this action Packed tape worthy of the highest praise. In its dynamics the film is reminiscent of modern video games. Periodically during playback there is an idea that lacks only the joystick control.

admittedly, the debut of Hargrave in a big movie came out more than sure. The Director, most likely, it is possible to congratulate with the start of its own franchise. Thriller last weekend broke for Netflix and quickly rose to the top position in the top. In a recent interview with the author of the film admitted that the producers are already considering a sequel or even a prequel. The viewer who is Chris Hemsworth liked the new image of the brutal and the brave courier, probably, very soon will once again go on the more dangerous jobs in the company life beaten Tyler Rake. And who knows, maybe the continuation of the history of Rail in the foreseeable future rewarded with the premiere of not online and on big screens of cinemas where this major summer blockbuster is the place.

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