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Abnormal weather phenomena in Ukraine 2019-2020: what next?

Ukraine Abnormal 07.05.2020 at 08:47

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Today, 7 may 2020, one of the highest peaks of the Carpathians - PIP Ivan mountain fell 15 cm of snow. This was announced by the Montenegrin workers search and rescue post in Facebook. They also reported that "the air temperature -3° C wind North-Western 14-15 m/s, cloudy, blowing snow and limited visibility to 20 m".$CUT$

the various manifestations of abnormal weather phenomena and natural disasters can not but cause concern. The temperature in the Ukraine from year to year is becoming anomalae (incidentally the climate is changing and the world in General): the Forecast for 2008. "Ice age" was right? (22.06.2008) the day after tomorrow is coming - weather in Ukraine, all anomalae (30.09.2008) Ukraine: what's going on with the weather? (30.05.2010) a heat wave... What will become of us? (06.08.2010) Weather anomalies in Ukraine in 2019 and 2020 occurred at regular intervals: April 28, 2019 hail fell in Korosten district of Zhytomyr region. Hail the size of a hen's egg dropped in the Rivne region (in Sarny and Volodymyrets district). 17 may 2019 hurricane-a tornado swept through Novograd-Volynski: yemil'chyne and Horodnytsya: more than 100 hectares of forest are demolished in minutes. 20 may 2019 tornado in Bukovina: in the villages Kamenka, Bunch, Sucheveny Hlybotskyi district In June 2019 fixed temperature - the maximum temperature on some days in the "cold" regions - the Western, Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia regions was increased to + 31-34 degrees Celsius, for the rest of the country has reached + 35-37 C. July 12, 2019 tornado in Odessa beach Luzanovka. 23 Jan 2020 winter storm - weather station has recorded in Olevsk, Zhytomyr region. 10 Feb 2020 winter storms in the Carpathian region. This phenomenon has been noted at stations Plai, Lower Gate and Hust. 10 Feb 2020 anomalous temperature in Kiev - began in meteorological spring, and the meteorological winter of 2019-2020 for the first time in 140 years of observations did not come. 16 APR 2020 dust storm swept through Kiev, the villages and the cities of Kyiv, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions. 25 April 2020, the hurricane tore off roofs, uprooted trees and left without electricity for 12 settlements in the Carpathians... 2020: will there be enough for all the water in Ukraine? But the greatest concern is the almost universal dehydration of the Ukrainian lands. Climate change has caused this process, which led to a massive total dehydration of the territory of Ukraine. Winter without snow intensified dehydration, because there was virtually no atmospheric supply no groundwater or underground.

According to experts, Ukraine in the current 2020 expects a dramatic decrease in river flow. Because it does not fall out of precipitation either in the form of snow or rain, which could generate runoff that would be draining from the territory of Ukraine, caused high water. This situation with dehydration in Ukraine has developed for the first time in the last century! State water resources Agency of Ukraine media have repeatedly warned of possible restrictions on the rights of water users to use water in case of water shortage, and advises to prepare for a water shortage this year!

Echoing the words of the song from the movie "Office romance": "there is no bad weather, each weather grace", you should take into account the fact that current weather anomalies - the handiwork of man and if we don't stop these "destructive" processes, the only rational chance for survival - will "escape" the man with the uninhabitable planet! Igor Berezhnoy for "Ukraine Anomalous"