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Bodypositive and Stirlitz, or How to walk down the street unnoticed? :.: Article 09.05.2020 at 21:00 :.: Article

The Turnout in Bern on Flower street in the house № 9 still have not been failed instead of geranium in case of failure on the window stood a pot of cactus and houseplant, as it was understood not watered for two weeks. Beside the pot was a piggy Bank in the shape of a cat. The cat was plastered with clay right eye is meant that the film is a microfilm of secret information was placed in the Treasury. Just had to pass on this film, Stirlitz. Of course, Stirlitz could not so easily come and pick up the microfilm of the messenger. And whom to send? Pastor Schlag — not. It is very noticeable — always carrying a ski. Okay, in the winter to go skiing even in the store is not forbidden and looks quite natural. But in the summer somehow!.. How would he not talked about it, and he was again on his: "My skis! Don't give". Professor Pleischner too — as you wander the zoo on the way, so the ears don't get him out of there. Well, as you can consider these cubs? Radistka kat lost somewhere... only had a spare radio operator Elsa (Soviet intelligence officer Matrena Shirobokova, graduated from sniper school and nursing school). Elsa was very clever and courageous scout. Useful against all sorts of invaders. But Elsa has been a problem from the point of view of colleagues in the intelligence — she was a plump woman. All of them somehow thought that her "extra" weight it is very noteworthy, because it tried not to let out the underground communications centre. Elsa was against. She argued that since agrees with the idea and the politics movement bodypositive, then it is no need trying to be liked — it is self-sufficient and confident. If other women suffer from a lack of love and attention, which is manifested mainly by the facial expressions, the characteristic expression of the eyes, graceful body, especially sensual pronunciation of the words "man", "love", "relationships". She is unusual — she loves herself exactly as she is. And that's enough. A vote was not needed — Stirlitz alone made the decision: "For the film go Elsa!" Soviet intelligence officer in adipositivity Elsa have successfully completed the task. She quietly snuck to the safe house — nobody was paying attention, and she did not look around. And already returning from a mission, barely suppressing a smile from the joy of victory, she somehow tempered step and began almost to walk on the pavement. A strange feeling came over her. Some ambivalent. Contradictory. On the one hand — as fully completed task. On the other hand... she had no one paid attention. How true! Such an interesting, young, very pretty, modest, and hard-working Executive. And prepares well... And not one man didn't look at it. Treacherous tears came into the eyes and coursed down her cheeks. But it was not to wipe them off — still nobody will pay attention. ...

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