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Photo session in the blooming gardens. Girls

Wedding and family photographer 16.05.2020 at 23:17

Michael noses

Stop the moment, you're fine!

so I want to say the blossoming spring.

the cherry Trees, apples, plums, pears typing your the lush color of the day. And it's a crime to miss this fabulous time for a photo session in the blooming gardens.

to conduct such a survey, it is not necessary to travel far out of town. For a beautiful photo session will be just a few lush trees and bushes.

In the parks you may come across a large number of tourists. Agree, such a situation is not very favorable to emancipation. However, even in the space of concrete streets I know where to find the area of beauty (I have a whole list of such places, from which we can choose the most convenient for you).

Choose the right time for a photo session in the blooming gardens: before noon or after 16 hours. During these periods the sun is not too bright, it will gently (and correctly!) light and background scenery.

as for image selection, we should give preference to clothes made of light fabrics: cotton, linen, silk. But jeans and a leather things reserved for other photo shoots, such as a Studio.

Print and the color of the clothes can be in tune with the backdrop of the gardens or be a contrast to him. Make a choice in favor of skirts and dresses loose fitting MIDI length and Maxi. Bold mini it fits the atmosphere of tenderness.

shoes good sandals. Also a great option – to play barefoot.

Accessories must be calm, not too accented. Hairstyle and makeup should fit into the concept of "naturel": loose hair, braids, easy waves, hair ribbons, delicate sudovy makeup.

as props, I always bring a blanket. There you can sit under a roof of flowering branches. Take a book or picnic set – you effectively beat in the frame. At the photo shoot the girls in the blooming gardens you can do without props at all – I will tell you if this is necessary, beautiful and winning poses in such locations: portrait photo with buds, shots taken in motion, "snowfall" of petals.

Sign up for a photo session in the blooming gardens – it will brighten even the most gray days

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