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Five apps for remote desktop access

Entertainment 17.05.2020 at 01:10

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Totient screen sharing before was quite a useful option. However, most users resorted to it infrequently. Now the situation has changed. Just a month the number of remote workers has increased markedly. And it happened in various fields, thanks to a demonstration function and screen sharing process remote work can become a bit more elementary.

In this collection, this writer decided to collect a little bit popular applications favor the Mac, which is the purpose of the demonstration screen.

Universal screen access

the Benefit of whom demonstrate their screen to another user, and again, a number of other features to owners of Apple computers entirely do not have to practice to the help of third party tools. MacOS dimmed feature called All access screen.

through this feature, a subscriber can provide pulling access to your screen, and in addition give to another Mac owner the right to move and to close the window, unlock the individual app and restart the PrintServer. It all use to work together have projects, solve technical problems, etc.

for the Sake of using this feature, users need to activate it in System settings.


the vast majority of ordinary users rarely remember about this addition, like Skype. Obache it all still remains one from the most popular solutions is the benefit of video calls. In addition to this, Skype is the work of the demonstration screen. Beloved works quite satisfactorily. However, this option to clean up one downside is the remote users of the consoles can either communicate with a remote screen.

but unlike most existing solutions Skype uneducated picks for activating the screen sharing of any money. Users can have this option, to the bone for free.


Teamviewer is permissible to consider one of the most famous and popular solutions to performance) remote monitoring of computers. Customers devour apps on almost all platforms including macOS, iOS and Android.

the Service program has a fairly broad functionality. Moreover, it concerns, like ((fact) as) of connectivity options and network settings, wanton and different options for remote management. With via Teamviewer users can unimportant (=unimportant) only to view, pulled out the Desk, however, and to fully take control of the computer. Out of this have Teamviewer to upihnut a variety of additional modules that extend edince more internal resources of the application.

Download Teamviewer permitted on the developer's site for the love of K. However, after a two-week trial period, users will have to get a license. In the collection there are several different pricing plans.


Screenleap is a person is not so much a separate attachment, how many services, or that help users to show their screen. A distinctive feature of this solution is izbucnit use. For demonstration of the screen users do not need Indus RA added utility. Need in any month, the browser and the extension.

it's worth it to note that Screenleap is on mobile devices. True story, on iOS and Android users a whole will have to establish a special application. As in the case of a desktop solution, they who are gone nothing complicated.

That as for the cost, after all, Screenleap offers a little different tariff plans. In the free version, users can send their screen to any six months for 40 minutes in days and not more than 8 users. For the detachment of most of the restrictions necessary to amortize the debt of $ 15 in the moon (the sickle.

Together USE

USE Together is a functional solution for collaboration and remote computer control. With using desktop clients about all major operating systems is a special browser extension users can disconnect to the remote computer and cross to work on the project Ali to use different applications. Near the same time, each trying with connected users good your cursor.

turn Off that in USE Together will built-in tools for voice communication and calendar events just get the screen. All this simplifies the solvation group. Also, the developers say if they Annex the deserted (=unfrequented) is required high pressure of the Internet.

USE Together Is relative inexpensive. In the free version, the users can be of work with a remote screen part of 30 minutes between. To relieve this constraint need to subscribe, which makes sense $ 10 a disc).