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Kiteboarding trip 2011 team "CENTURY" to "Vaigach"

Relevant Posts — 19.05.2020 at 10:22

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The campaign took place in the context of the terrible cyclone and bad weather. Old kites, we have replaced the kites of the new generation, but the parachutes towing company "CENTURY" still remains out of competition. Thank you very much "Studio adventure" for film editing!

We started from West kavik is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to go the route. Plans were as follows: from West kavik through the village of Kartika to get to the island of Vaygach, to explore its capital, the village of Varnek, "wash feet" in the Barents sea and further through the villages Amderma and Ust–Kara, to return to the city of Vorkuta.