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Parliamentarians approved the bill on a point system migrants

Russian Britaniya 19.05.2020 at 18:47

House of Commons adopted the bill on the regulation of migration in the country after the exit from the EU.

the House of Commons in the second reading approved the bill on a new immigration system after the country's withdrawal from the EU. It is expected that the new rules will take effect from 2021. From this point on potential candidates for moving to the island will be able to obtain a residence permit and a work permit only in case if they gain the required number of points. The latter will depend on objective parameters: the profession of the applicant, his qualifications, education and age. A similar system operates in Canada and Australia.

the Initiator of the draft law by the ruling Conservative party. As the head of the Home Office Priti Patel, prospective immigrants with the new system will be in equal conditions, including Europeans. Recall that before the end of 2020, when Britain still formally part of the EU, EU citizens can move to Britain without visas and other restrictions.

Our new point system clearer, more honest and more straightforward. It will attract people that we need for economic development and help to lay the Foundation for the economy with high wages, high skills and high performance, said Patel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the qualifications under the new rules will have a greater interest than the country of origin of the migrant.

having Decided that people are more important than the passports, we will be able to attract the best people from all over the world, wherever these people lived, – said Johnson.

the Shadow Minister of internal Affairs Nick Thomas-Simmonds strongly opposed to this reform, believing that the law will increase economic inequality in the country. The fact that the new requirements for skilled migrants will set the lower limit of annual salary of £25 600. Therefore, many medical workers, transport and other fields who earn less than this amount, will receive a signal that they do not need the country.

After the adoption of the bill on second reading, he must pass the approval of parliamentary committees. And then it is waiting for a final vote in the Lower house of Parliament.