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Italian pizza with cheese and mussels 20.05.2020 at 13:32

Culinary blog of Anna Mishchenko

Once an Italian Cook pizza at home and you will forget the taste of store-bought pizza dough, frozen cakes, and failed recipes, which turns the bun, but not the Italian beauty.

This recipe many years ago shared with me the chef of an Italian restaurant (if you're interested, you can learn how it was ). Being of Italian-French origin, he understood the right pizza at the DNA level.

the recipe Below is based on 1 kg of finished dough (4 medium pizzas d 28-30 cm), but I prepared 1/2 of the recipe, so everyone got their own portion of the pizza and nothing left for tomorrow. Because pizza, like pasta, should be served from the oven and eat immediately!

Because on the second day, it is not fine dining.

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