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"Square" in mass apartments in Moscow has risen over the year by 20 thousand rubles

Over the past year, the average cost per square meter of apartments in a mass segment in Moscow increased by 20 thousand rubles, estimated by experts "Metrium". The average "square" in this type of housing was more expensive than apartments in the mass segment of the Moscow market of new buildings and amounted to 191 thousand roubles. However, the total cost of the average apartment is much more affordable apartment.

At the end of April 2020, the average cost per square meter apartment comfort - and economy class in Moscow has reached 191 thousand rubles, according to "Metrium". A year ago, in April of 2019, this figure was 170 thousand rubles, thus, over the past year the "square" in the Moscow apartment of the mass segment rose by more than 20 thousand roubles, or 12%.

the average cost per square meter mass apartments were more expensive than apartments of the same segment. In the Moscow new buildings of economy and comfort class, having the status of housing in April, the average cost per square meter amounted to 188 thousand rubles (3 thousand cheaper apartment). Although the dynamics of growth of prices for Moscow apartments similar to the one observed in the segment of apartments. During the year, the square rose by 13%.

however, as the experts of "Metrium" apartments on average are more affordable than apartments, despite their higher unit cost. In April, the average apartment in the Moscow new buildings of economy and comfort class was sold for 7.8 million rubles, while the average flat was worth almost 11 million rubles.

So there is a noticeable difference (41%) due to the reduced area of the apartment. If the average Moscow apartment mass segment achieves in the area of 59 sq. m., in the case of apartments the square is only 41 sq. m.

"In the framework of our project "river Park", involving the implementation as apartments and apartments, the value "square" in the latter is much lower than in apartments, – says Larisa Shvetsov, General Director of the company "river Park". For example, in the sale is a Villa and apartment with the same area (40 square meters), but the cost of the first – 7.67 million rubles, and the second object – of 9.43 million. Accordingly, a square meter of apartment costs 189,9 thousand rubles, but the apartment is in 231,8 thousand rubles. That is, within a single development project apartments still retain their attractive pricing".

"the Main reason for the growth in prices for apartments was stable demand for them, – says Igor residents of Kozelsk, General Director of "Development" (developer RC "the World Mitino"). – He caused, including the possibility of implementing more efficient planning due to the actions of other building codes (insolation, wet areas, etc.). In the end, the customer gets a more functional space of the housing with a smaller share of the corridors and, as a result, a smaller area of the apartment. This makes them more affordable compared to apartments. In the most liquid parts of the city of Moscow the efficiency of the layout of the apartments gives the developer significant additional cost to the price of square meter in housing is comparable with the value of the lot.

in addition, historically the difference in cost was dictated not only by the area of the lot. There are still legal and tax features of the property affecting their price while maintaining quality parity with apartments. But given the trend of development in the Central areas of the city of Moscow, the authorities are getting closer to the solution of the abolition of legal differences between housing and apartments. So this product will be in high demand".

"In the conditions of crisis demand for apartments can increase, concludes Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of the company "Metrium" (a participant in the affiliate network of CBRE). – This is connected with more attractive prices in the mass segment of the apartment compared to other sectors of the capital market of new buildings. On the one hand, apartments are becoming more likely to consider the Muscovites, if their income is affected by the crisis, and they will not be able to count on apartment purchase. On the other hand, will increase demand for new buildings of Moscow by moving to Moscow residents of other regions, whose financial capacity is also severely limited".

According to analysts "Metrium", in the first quarter the demand for comfort - and business-class in Moscow increased by 32%. If in the first quarter of 2019 in the capital was registered about 755 of contracts of individual share in these segments in January-March 2020 – 995 POS.