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Signature scheme: for the blocking of accounts, new grounds monitoring of the banking press 22.05.2020 at 05:00

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In Russia there were new reasons for the blocking of accounts by the AML / CFT legislation. Rosfinmonitoring has identified the problem areas, which during a pandemic coronavirus can be unscrupulous activities. As told "Izvestia" in the Federal service and the largest banks at risk — the production of medical products, government support of business and population, as well as charitable activities. It is here that can tighten control and increase lock operations and accounts, experts say. The most popular schemes to launder they think the resale of medical masks at an inflated price, and collecting funds to help doctors and patients COVID-19.

the Area at risk

In terms of the spread of coronavirus and translation of financial market participants in remote mode Rosfinmonitoring prioritised AML / CFT measures and has identified areas where he can be unscrupulous activities. This "news" announced in the Federal service. To areas of risk related fraudulent schemes related to the production and trafficking of health products, the sale of goods and services in the field of anti-epidemic measures, as well as embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the support of business and population. In addition, in the context of pandemic, there is increased risk of use of illegal schemes of cashing out, said the Federal service for financial monitoring.

the Same risks common to all countries issued an international Group to develop measures to combat money laundering (FATF), said the Federal service for financial monitoring. "News" read the report. It mentioned in particular that the criminals use illegal aid programmes and economic incentives, as well as posing as a charitable organization. In addition, risks of corruption — embezzlement and misuse of funds emergency and unexpected costs by bypassing standard procurement procedures noted in the FATF.

Rosfinmonitoring brought to the attention finrynka typology with signs pointing to a withdrawal of funds abroad, theft and illegal cashing with the use of imaginary transactions reported in service.

As told "Izvestia" in the ICD and Absolut Bank, according to the recommendations of the Federal service for financial monitoring in the period of a pandemic requires special attention to the following risk areas:

production and trafficking of medical products and goods and services anti-epidemic purposes; the establishment and expansion of infrastructure for the protection of life and health of citizens; government support of business and population; the online platform and services associated with the pandemic; charitable activity in the context of the epidemic; the evasion of taxes and the withdrawal of assets of legal entities in view of the subsequent Declaration of bankruptcy; the decrease in cash flow in industries with high demand: health care products, food, commodities; the scope of activities associated with the turnover of precious metals and precious stones, because of the growth of their liquidity.

during a pandemic, as at other times, more emphasis is needed on sectors of the economy, operating budget funds and state-owned corporations, have informed "news" in the Central Bank. The regulator said that schemes and modifications of money and cash funds radically transformed — actively changing only tech companies through which these schemes are implemented. The vast majority of credit organizations to successfully monitor and suppress money laundering, said the Bank of Russia.

Antiseptics and relief funds

To the risk zones also include the tourism and hotel industry, added PSB. They added that in this case it is recommended to thoroughly assess operations to refund to customers ' accounts for failure to provide services — under this kind the attackers are intensifying their activities to cash. One of the areas which now requires greater control, is a fraudulent business on the Internet, told "Izvestia" in "Tinkoff". The Bank explained that many of them are in isolation, including people who have never used the Internet and do not buy anything online. They discover new online shops and do not pay attention to security websites.

Due to a decrease in General customer activity the number of Bank measures to counter money laundering, including blocking of account, and even fell slightly, said the Director of compliance at AK bars Bank Aydar Pageview. The share of suspicious transactions in the AML / CFT law, in the absolute Bank have remained at the same level, the number of locks is preserved in the ICD, told "Izvestia" their representatives. In the absolute Bank noted that the number of detected attempts to hold a doubtful transaction, the relevant new typologies of Rosfinmonitoring.

Gray schemes may involve, for example, the resale of masks and antiseptics at an inflated price, a portion of the profit is hiding, said the partner of tax practice of BMS Law Firm David Kapianidze. He added that unscrupulous funds helping doctors and victims of the coronavirus may not be declared part of the incoming money, which ultimately "leak". According to David Kapianidze, due to non-working APR some companies, especially from the most affected areas (tourism, catering, cars), can fail. They will withdraw the money, including to other firms to maintain at least a portion of the assets.

the Sphere of government support and procurement has always been at the Federal financial monitoring service under special control: a state contract with one-day firms or getting them to support measures and subsequent cash-out — a fairly common practice, said partner of the law firm "" Vladimir Efremov. In April-may 2020, it was announced financial business support and social assistance to citizens.

Financial institutions will inevitably increase the monitoring specified in the list of fields that will lead to increase lock operations and accounts, queries, documents, and disabling access to online Bank expects Vladimir Efremov. He admits that the attention to the individuals operations may involve their interaction with the sectors highlighted in the Federal service. According to experts, due to the fact that Rosfinmonitoring and the Central Bank identified areas of risk in money laundering, banks will find it easier to concentrate and effectively track fraudulent scheme.

by Natalia ILYIN