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Rural akim of Kostanai region found conflicting road signs

Kostanay TV Information portal Kostanay region 22.05.2020 at 08:18 New

Information portal Kostanay region


on 22 may 2020, 14:14 Photos:

DP Kostanay region

In Kostanay region for the establishment of road signs, conflicting prosecuted akim rural district, according to Qostanay.TV with reference to

the Violations were identified during the survey of roads, the traffic-technical inspection of the police Department.

the survey of roads employees of DTI Kostanay district, revealed that at the intersection of Aubakirova Forest in S. Michurinskoe was installed several traffic signs: warning sign 1.31.3 "Direction of rotation" (gives drivers the right to choose the direction of movement) and prescriptive sign 4.1.3 "Movement left", - told the police.

As noted in the police, this section of the road Forest street is one-way. Installation of road signs is carried out depending on the situation, according to the standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Technical means of traffic organization. Terms of use".

Installed traffic signs contradict each other, mislead road users. The police recorded the offence.

In accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 17 April 2014, No. 194-V "On road traffic" introduction and maintenance of technical means of traffic organisation (traffic signs, markings, traffic lights, etc.) on the road network of settlements relates to the jurisdiction of local Executive bodies (akimats).

For failure to comply with the requirements for maintenance of equipment traffic control officers brings the police of Kostanay region was the Protocol on an administrative offense concerning the akim of Michurinsky rural district under article 631 of part 1 of the administrative code "failure to comply with the requirements for works on roads, maintenance of roads, railway crossings and road constructions, and other requirements established by rules of safety of traffic" with the amount of the fine in the amount of 10 MCI.