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Samsung raised the prices of their smartphones in Russia. What will happen to prices on iPhone? — the largest website about iPhone, iPad, Mac in Russia 22.05.2020 at 07:00

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At the beginning of this week the Russian office Samsung has suddenly raised the prices of their smartphones. The price increase has touched almost all models, the only notable exception was the Galaxy Z folding Flip. Had the worst flagship models that have increased in price quite considerably – from 10 to 20 thousand rubles, for the off-season is outright nonsense. Samsung was not even embarrassed by the fact that over the last couple of months, the ruble has strengthened its position in relation to world currencies, and played almost 15% of its price. Apparently, soon the same fate awaits the iPhone?

is it Worth buying iPhone SE 2 in the United States or is it better to take it to Russia?

the Reason why Samsung did not raise their prices in the beginning of the year, when the ruble went down, and did it just now, is obvious. The fact that the Russian office procures large volumes. Understandably, the company does not store them in warehouses, and simply pays a certain amount of sets to gradually bring them into the country and trade. Most likely, the reserves at old rate was paid exactly to the middle of may. So when it came time to refill them, the domestic unit had no choice but to purchase the new prices due to changes in exchange rate.

the price of the Samsung smartphones Prices in the flagship Samsung smartphone has risen quite considerably

Galaxy S10 was – 59 990 rubles, was – 69 990 rubles, Galaxy S10 Lite: was – 44 990 rubles, was – 49 990 rubles, Galaxy S20: was – 69 990 rubles, was – 79 990 rubles, Galaxy S20+: was – 79 990 rubles, was – 89 990 rubles, Galaxy S20 Ultra: was – 99 990 rubles, was – 109 990 rubles, Galaxy Fold: was – 159 990 rubles, was – 179 990 rubles, Galaxy Z Flip: it was and remained – 119 990 rubles.

the Closed borders are not a problem. iPhone SE 2020 has already started to become cheaper in Russia

at First I was going to write that the increasing prices of Samsung smartphones in Russia was expected, because even at the old rate Euro they cost us too cheap. But I thought so because based on the idea that in Europe the South Korean flagship sell at least 999 euros, which turned out to be wrong. A quick check of German and Spanish sites Samsung gave me to understand that the European price of the underlying Galaxy S20 is 899 euros. And this is the price including tax on the added value that the EU, as well as in Russia, included in the price immediately. As a result, even in direct translation to dollars is still cheaper than in the US (985 USD), where the same unit is $ 999, excluding taxes.

it is quite strange math. If the price of Apple smartphones in Russia with a direct translation of the Euro are almost the same as in Europe, the Samsung situation is somewhat different, because of the flagships in our market it takes about 15% more than Europe. But why? Most likely due to the fact that the pricing policy of the Korean company is not so linear, as in the us. If Apple just directly translates prices into rubles, and then corrects them in a big way to get a beautiful figure, then Samsung does not.

Why in Russia such expensive iPhones the iPhone in Russia is not expensive. At least until

Direct proof – Galaxy A51, which in the US is $ 399, in Europe 369 euros, and in Russia – 16-20 thousand rubles. How is that possible? It is obvious that Samsung just adjusts the price of each smartphone for each market separately. After all, if this were not so, Galaxy A51 we would have to cost exactly the same as the new iPhone SE. But for some reason, Koreans have considered that it is vital to give the Russians a mega-affordable smartphone, and they did. The result was not long in coming. Today Galaxy A51 is the most popular smartphone in the country in 2020. Because it is cheap. That's only because of its low cost paid by those who buy a Galaxy or Galaxy S20 Fold.

Cheaper than Apple: where in Russia to buy iPhone and AirPods Pro discount

you are Probably interested in the answer to the question that I asked in the title. So, in my opinion, any rise in price of iPhone in the Russian market will not happen not today, not tomorrow or the day after. Of course, assuming that the Euro will not soar to $ 100 – in this case, it is possible to fairly major changes. Why am I so sure? Yes, because, I think, learned to understand the market and the behavior of the Apple. As a result, I twice got to the point in such matters. The first time at the beginning of the year explained why the iPhone is not expensive, and one that promised that a slight increase in prices on the iPhone, which gave Russian retailers, is just a preemptive reaction to possible supply disruptions, and soon everything will be rolled back. And so it was.

Samsung decided that its flagship in Russia are too cheap