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Stars organized students online live on last call

MOSKONEWS.COM international music and entertainment portal 22.05.2020 at 11:27

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25 may at 13.00, Moscow time, kids all over the country will gather together to celebrate the last call from the stars. Dmitry Bikbaev, head of the Art platform of the Moscow production center, and the School of Rosatom has created a new joint project that will be a real treat for the students. The online format of Malbec and Susannah, Mia Boyka, Gleb Kalyuzhny will congratulate the graduates of different classes with the end of the school year, observing quarantine measures.

the author of the idea – Dmitry Bikbaev – will be the moderator of the live broadcast, organized in the form of a dialogue in a specially created online platform with the possibility of direct interventions. All artists will be in different rooms, without violating the regime of self-isolation.

Popular artists were selected by students using a survey on social networks. Live the leaders of the hit parade will congratulate students from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Guys from all over the country will be able not only to see the artists, see their videos, and ask questions to your favorites. A special surprise for viewers will be the premiere of the new songs of an artist.

"For the whole team of organizers, the most important was to support all students who in a pandemic are in a very difficult situation. Students were forced to quickly switch to the online format of education. Following this new trend, we have decided as a gift to the last call to organize a memorable day and give you the opportunity to meet your favorite artists. And this format allowed us to circumvent the impossibility to gather all in one place at a concert offline. We have turned this situation into a positive, and students from across the country, and, perhaps, also from around the world can connect to our online live broadcast, ask questions, favorite artists, chat with them live, see their videos and hear your favorite songs. Especially for them we have invited popular artists, which students love, listen to, and on the basis of the urgent request of pupils, given the ability of modern children to choose to pool their heroes. I am sure that this format can maintain its relevance even after the end of the pandemic and the lifting of all restrictions", – says Dmitry Bikbaev, inviting everyone to join the beloved tradition of "Last call", but in an online format.

On the website of the project students have to send their questions to the stars. The most interesting of them, Dmitry Bikbaev ask the live. In addition, the real time will work online chat, where you can send greetings to your favorite teachers and new questions to the artists.

the artists Themselves have fond memories of their school years. Mia Boyka says that the school have linked her special memories: "When I came to the first class, frightened high school student who was supposed to lead me by the hand to school, and cried, in the end, I was led by the Pope. I often represented the school at city events, because of this teacher I did the favors, and I really helped. All the graduates I wish to pass all my exams, and enroll in the desired universities, and to teachers of patience, and helping my kids favorite and not so". Gleb Kalyuzhny believes that "school is the best time to plan for life. It instills self-discipline, gives friends and leaves inside a warm trail of sorrow", and Malbasa memories transferred to Vladivostok where he studied up to 10 years: "the School was near the waterfront and amusement Park, and in the summer after school we often went to the sea. All the memories of school years in Moscow associated with writing the first songs and creating a music group." Suzanne most of all loved lessons MHK, Russian literature, English and French languages: "I was wonderfully fortunate to study in schools, gymnasiums, teachers had their own inimitable charisma that helped to perceive training as a way of expression, finding yourself. My mother is a teacher of foreign languages, therefore, we can say that was inherent in home life".

to ask a question, no registration required. The organizers expect more than 80,000 students on this day. Thus, despite the isolation, the graduates will be left without a holiday and can spend time with their idols.

the Event will be held on the online platform .