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The government approved the procedure of transit of goods across the border after Brexit

Russian Britaniya 21.05.2020 at 19:05

The Government approved the new procedure of clearance of goods across borders between the parts of the United Kingdom.

the Corresponding action plan was published on the government website. Under the new rules, companies will have to issue a customs Declaration for the goods moved from the UK to Northern Ireland.

the Parliamentarians also recognized that to do this you will need to create an additional border infrastructure in the Northern Irish ports, for testing food products and animals. In the ports also will conduct random inspection of cargo.

the government denies the idea that such an infrastructure will create a full-fledged border. The document States that the new Protocol does not create "an international border in the Irish sea between great Britain and Northern Ireland".

According to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove to the commercial relations of the United Kingdom meet the duty-free status, you must submit declarations on the goods moved across the border from Britain to Northern Ireland. These systems are electronic, they will lead the UK authorities.

the Chancellor also added that "the implementation of the procedure does not involve the creation of new customs infrastructure", but the United Kingdom recognizes that it will take "some extension of the existing infrastructure to provide additional processes for agricultural and food sectors."

According to Gowa, sanitary and phytosanitary inspections will be undertaken using existing infrastructure, although they are not in fact the customs inspections.

on 1 may, the European Union has required construction of new customs posts between great Britain and Northern Ireland in the framework of implementation of the Agreement on Britain's withdrawal from the EU, concluded in October 2019.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier that on the territory of the United Kingdom will not be introduced no border checks. 8 December on the eve of parliamentary elections he said that "the issue of inspections of goods moving from the UK to Northern Ireland or Vice versa, is not discussed" because they are parts of a single state and customs territory.