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22.05.2020 18:15 : Europe is disappointed at the US decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies

News | Moscow Echo 22.05.2020 at 15:15

News on the echo of Moscow

Washington earlier accused Moscow of systematic violation of the agreement.

10 EU countries, including France and Germany, share the indignation of Americans because of a default by Russia of the provisions of the agreement, but the determination with which the US withdraws from the contract, they do not share. Despite this, the European management is committed to continue to follow the contract, which "has an obvious value for conventional arms control and our common security", gives the text of a statement the Agency "Interfax".

On the output of the signed in 1992, an international Treaty allows observation flights over the territories of other countries, Donald trump announced Thursday. The President did not rule out, however, the emergence of new agreements with Moscow.

Specific claims after trump was announced by the Secretary of state. According to Michael Pompeo, Moscow is using a contract for military coercion and to support aggressive new doctrine of the Kremlin. Russia in this regard is accused of pointing weapons infrastructure in the United States and Europe. Russian planes flew over the White house and tracked the whereabouts of President trump, said later his national security adviser, Stephen O'brien. In the state Department complained about curfews along the border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as the limitations of observations of the Kaliningrad and Crimea.

From Moscow to Washington for the observance of Treaty claims, it turns out, more more, said the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Charges Americans on Smolensk square reject. They believe that the Treaty, despite the US decision, not die, and Russia will comply with its provisions before he will act,

the Decision on the U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies will enter into force in six months, said earlier at the state Department.

the United States decided to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies, according to their interests. Such opinion on air of the "Echo" stated the academician Alexei Arbatov.

the administration of the tramp does not seek to engage in dialogue with partners, — says military analyst Alexander Goltz.

According to Goltz, the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies – another step towards the deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States.