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Story No. 2 may 22, 2020

A dozen new stories. Anecdotes from Russia. 21.05.2020 at 21:00

Jokes from Russia - the most funny jokes, stories, sayings and phrases, poems, cartoons, and other humor. Go from 8 November 1995. Compiler Dima Verner


- Uncle, why do you have such a small pool?

I looked up from my book and looked around. Through the bars of the fence were watching me and the neighbor boy about five years old.

- Yes, the pool is not large, but it is not afraid to drown.

- But even a man will not fit. Why is it you need?

- the Person is not fit and frogs easily. See how many of them there?

- are You a pool built specifically for frogs?

Well, and what to do? You imagine yourself as a poor, small young frogs, by the need to dig such a huge hole, buried there to the pool, fill it with water. Simply unrealistic. Yes, they are still in the store trampled would be if they came to the pool. And where did the money frogs in the pool?

the Boy looked into young frogs and nodded.

- by the Way, I have one problem and you probably can help me.

- Can. What's the problem?

- this pool has a fountain, but I was in the store said that it may include only those who have magic and who knows a magic spell. You wouldn't happen to know any good spells? Suddenly get, at least for a fountain view.

the Boy closed his eyes, gripping hands to the poles of the fence and roared in a terrible voice:

- Cu-R-R-ible, cu-R-Rabelais bums!

at the same instant, and my pond was bubbling up merrily the fountain, scattering the frogs.

of course I was very surprised, thanked the boy for the miracle and shook hands with him only because of the quarantine.

- And you will be able to turn it off?

- I will Try. Cu-R-ible, cu-R-Rabelais hat!

And the fountain of shut up.

Then all hell broke loose. The boy just tortured my poor fountain. Half an hour later I said:

- Look, enough to turn on and off my fountain, the magic power should be protected, and it can end and never come back.

- Ne-e-e, it does not happen. If the magic power is, it can not spend money. Cable, cable bums! Oh, I see? Everything works.

- Then I'll tell you about another one of your magical power and explain how she can disappear.

- tell me, Tell me.

- Who in your family is the strongest?

- Dad

- And then?

- Grandfather.

- And then?

- Then Mom, and then I, the most strong.

- now imagine you're in a family can, something that never can do no father, no Mother.

- Enable your fountain?

- Not only.

Wow! What else?

Well, you could, for example, to wear my dad's clothes, can grandfather, even my mother, may her, but none of them ever in my life, can't wear your clothes, no matter how hard. This is another one of your magical power. But as the years pass, you will be very large, more Pope and that magic will be lost. You will never be able to wear these tennis shoes and jeans. But nothing, but you will have new magical powers, I don't even know what.

So you understand — how can the abyss magic power?

- got it, but now I have two forces : the apparel and fountain.

- well Done, but for now let the fountain rest.

the evening of the same day to the fence, walked up a neighbor's grandfather. The corner of my eye I noticed that grandpa internally have been preparing for an unpleasant conversation, finally decided and without preamble started:

- Tell me is you have taught our boy to dress up in women's clothes?

I explained how it was, grandpa laughed, and then said sadly:

- because That's the time when any person who is not lazy to Tinker with someone else's child, is perceived as a pervert. I see the grandson comes up to me in my mother's skirt, my shoes and said: grandpa, come on try to wear my underwear. You can't, because only I have the magic power to carry your stuff. My uncle has me behind the fence taught.

We chatted for a little while, grandfather grandson complained that he does not want to learn to read and where to get such a magical power that made him.

I said that there is nothing easier and gave my grandfather a keychain from his fountain...

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