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A Bicycle or an exercise bike — what to choose for sports? :.: Article 21.05.2020 at 21:00 New :.: Article

If you are asking this question, congratulations — you're already on the right track! On the way to good health and active longevity. Let's try to weigh the pros and cons of purchase of the Bicycle or stationary bike, and then we'll see whose Cup is more full? Interested in this sport? What pushes people to the side at the very moment when they decide to Cycling? First of all, the strengthening of joints. Movements performed during Cycling, have a very beneficial effect. That's why this sport is perfect for overweight people striving to do something good for my health, but same time not strain your joints as it happens while running. The bike goes well with the swimming. This combination of sports will not leave the slightest chance of overweight. What you need to know about Cycling? Cycling — the same aerobics. So, if you want to get the maximum benefit from the workout, monitor your heart rate during it. The more often you do, the more time it will take to achieve the desired heart rate. How to lose weight with Cycling? Need actively to pedal more than 20 minutes. No wonder Cycling is one of the varieties of aerobic exercise of low intensity. You will achieve the best training effect at about 25 km/h Under the condition of being in good physical shape, of course. Photo: Depositphotos, If you are a beginner, and for a long time to pedal hard for you, do not torment yourself — start with 5 minutes. Yes, this is not the time to lose weight. But you can't have it all in one day of training. Therefore, increase the time gradually, without fanaticism. After 6-8 weeks, if you feel that you are stronger, you can begin to ride for 20 minutes 3 times a week. And then slowly added for 10-15 minutes. Over time, the muscles will get used to the load. And each cycle will bring more fun. Who is the bike? It is known that exercise on a stationary bike is often prescribed medical rehabilitation specialists. And that's because they improve the quality and robustness of the system of muscles and tendons. The stationary bike is perfect exercise equipment that improves blood circulation and hence the heart condition. Regular exercise on a stationary bike positively affect blood pressure, optimal heart load, increase of vital lung function and promote fat burning. They also reinforce and shape the gluteal muscles, the muscles of the legs. And effectively prevent the diseases of the joints. Photo: Depositphotos, it Turns out that doing on a stationary bike, you will get the same results as riding a bike. So what's the difference? First, in the environment. In the first variant you are on the street, the second — in own apartment or the gym. Secondly in difficulty. Go down the street, still harder. If the bike you choose to overcome the resistance on the bike to pull their own weight and "fighting" with air. For many riding a bike outdoors is still better than training on the simulator. But it's a matter of taste... do you prefer?...

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