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No censorship – the creators of Serious Sam 4 explained the lack of bare Breasts harpy the latest news on games. 22.05.2020 at 17:05 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Some users did not like the appearance of the monster in the new part of the series, and the creators had to intervene.

Recently, the network appeared rollers shooter Serious Sam 4. Careful users have found that developers, in particular, changed the appearance of the harpy. In Serious Sam 4 monster lost of naked female breast, which was the third part of the series. Some users accused the developers that Serious Sam 4 was censored.

the Harpy with a bare chest can be seen with 2:46 to 2:55.

the Harpy in Serious Sam 4

the Situation on the Steam forums commented a representative of the Studio Croteam under the name IIIIDANNYIIII. According to him, "enough to more suitable places in order to look at the breast". Serious Sam 4 is dedicated exclusively to shooting. According to the developer, there's no deep meaning in the changed appearance of the harpy no. "Bare the chest" not added to project meaning.

"I said somewhere that it was censorship? I said that a design decision has nothing to do with the demonstration or not a demonstration of his chest. I guess the artist of characters I thought that since this enemy looks better. Even the concept artah harpies has not been fully exposed breast. You know, some people important things like that, but the changes in design happen all the time. Look at the other monsters," said IIIIDANNYIIII.

the Release of Serious Sam 4 is expected in August on PC and Stadia.