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Smart learns from the mistakes of others

Zadolba!whether 22.05.2020 at 11:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

No expensive "alternative today." You're not my nightmare. And not alternative today, whatever you may read between the lines. You're just inconsiderate and aggressive people tend to attribute to strangers non-existent defects.

you See, I was just writing that we should not resign ourselves to uninteresting and an unloved job. In my personal environment there were such cases, when the creative devoted person looking for himself, looking for — and well that of the individual parents were able to cover it in search of myself. And then boom, circumstances had changed dramatically, and now the man grabs the first comer more or less money work, because in search of himself, he simultaneously found the love of my life, and begat children, then every day counts years until retirement. And listen to "careful mom" — would have completed studies in at least one of the acceptable professions, and continued creative pursuits, having had any kind of life database.

I do not propose to give up love at first sight and for life. But, again, had a chance to see very different outcomes: and a quick divorce with the sharing of children and property, and loss of joy of life, and the constant marital conflict with physical abuse... And listen to "careful mom" — wouldn't have run to the Registrar after a few months of Dating, I would give myself and a potential partner time to get to know each other better, to validate their feelings in the end. Big love for a lifetime this would not have gone anywhere, but the hormonal storm had to lie down. It would be possible to think and feel with your heart and not blindly rush for the call of the genitals.

you weren't there the same age? You have a broken relationship broke life kicks you in the mud for years to come? Creative throwing over a dozen years did not prevent, in the end, to arrange your financial situation? Can you only be happy; but, sorry, survivorship bias — it's just about you.

by the Way, as well-evidenced by your own example of "rebellion." "Let's go to the zorbing ride", right? Harmless activities as a counterexample to rash decisions made "in spite of the mother", which, of course, "understands nothing" — but actually breaking a life and impact a person... Ah, the same age, the same age... at your age... so full — the same age as you? you would have about tattoo written.

I got no business and nothing for you to envy. I'm fine, and all my important choices are made by me and only me. I studied absolutely not where I would like to see the parents, but attended to the end, and even in the senior years went to work in the specialty. Favorite work. I ran in bystryachku married and not "brought in at least the hem," although parents wanted me, as soon as possible to see the wife and/or mother. And now I am quite satisfied with my marital status.

But to stop one's ears not to hear the elders, somehow the urge to do... is quite another. This is some kind of senseless beating my head against the wall is obtained. Why not analyze someone else's experience, why not look at the example of other people, why not consider the mistakes of others and plan how something meaningful with my life and not poke here and there at random, which will carry over? In the end, it's about my life being discussed and not about a literary character that, if something suddenly wrong, you can erase and rewrite a fair copy. Perhaps affected by the fact that I had no one to cover in case of what — or rather, my parents would lay bones to protect me and help me; that's just such a victim I was not needed. But, in any case, it is foolish to ignore the experience of others I never thought about that. I am grateful for all the good tips, including those that are not used.

And zorbing... me too. Here is a parachute jump — Yes.

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