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A giant plate under the Indian ocean had been cleaved in two

NEWS PLANET 22.05.2020 at 14:40

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Tectonic plate, which is located directly underneath the Indian ocean started to break up into two parts. Experts said that in the final result it is completely broken off but this does not happen soon, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

today the pieces of the plate differ by no more than 1.7 mm per year. After a million years the distance between them does not exceed a mile. You should pay attention to the fact that the fault under the Dead sea is moving much faster – 0.4 cm per year. If we talk about the fault line San Andreas, it increases and is 1.8 centimeters each year.

Tectonic plate located incredibly deep water and breaks incredibly slowly. Because of this, the experts did not immediately notice the beginning of such a serious process. To set the beginning of this process was possible only after the Indian ocean were two rather powerful earthquakes.

on 11 April 2012 Indian ocean earthquakes were recorded, which reached the level of 8.2 and 8.6 points. The aftershocks occurred in the wrong place, where one plate overlaps another, and in the Central part, which is considered completely stable.

Experts have started to map the ocean floor and noted that there is a huge amount of depressions that have arisen as a result of blows or sliding plates. Due to the fact that in the southern part of the plate basin is much deeper, it suggests that the main processes taking place there.

the formation of the first depressions began about 2.3 million years ago, but until today, the boundary of a tectonic plate is not formed to the end. The experts added that the process of division of the plate began as a result of reasons of natural origin. Plate cracked due to the fact that it rose from the mid-ocean ridge at a height where the curvature of the globe is already quite clearly expressed.