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How to make money online. Freebitcoin, bitcoin faucet.

Serega's blog Goncharova 22.05.2020 at 15:00

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet

Greetings to all who read this post on my website.

(Spoiler) On the website, I describe many ways of earnings. So do not worry if you do not come. You can find on the website a bunch of new and useful information with step by step training. Udachki.

In this article we will consider the site where you can earn bitcoin. It is called as is clear from the title of Freebitcoin. The website gives us Satoshi — (this part of which is the bitcoin), the input captures every hour. Although the purpose of the website this is money showing You ads, so if you want to make it disable the ad blocker. In General, the TOP website, it has lots of cool functions, and it is quite interesting.

let's start.

let's Say You are interested in this kind of earnings, and You clicked on the link at the bottom. the first thing I see is the registration page. To register is very simple, you need to enter in the box Your E-mail, for those who are very beginner, is Your e — mail address. Just below the create a password. The third line is filled in automatically. In the latest rewrite the letters from the image and click SIGN UP! — To register.

so You've signed. The page to which You will transfer after registration is very important. At the top are two buttons. They we do not need, but to consider them necessary. DEPOSIT — enter your bitcoin to the site. Remember, this button we do not need. We came to make the website and not merge. The second button is more useful, but it will have to forget, until you gain 30,000 Satos. WITHDRAW — withdraw bitcoins. On conclusion below.

the Further we descend below. We need to type the captcha and click ROLL. For this we will receive a minimum of 21 Satoshi, you can get more if you're lucky. For me all the time, only once had digit of the fourth row, where some 56,000 Satos, and a couple times for 560 Satos, but it is for 3 years. I also want to warn that the number of issued Satos may vary, depending on the exchange rate of bitcoin. In any case, You can see the number of issued Satos in the table, which is located just above the captcha.

Below the picture after passing the captcha. It can be seen that, to pass the captcha once per hour. After passing through the timer switches. For passing the captcha I enrolled 21 Satoshi, plus 2 free lottery tickets — lottery tickets and 10 reward points — reward points.

Now we go section by section.

the First section of the MULTIPLY BTC. This section of the game where you can successfully merge your earned Satoshi. Youtube is full of videos with the strategies of winning, but they'll all eventually merge. Winning strategy is not. And the video is removed, because referrals who play and make bets earned more. In fact in the game you place a bet on more or less guess get doubling, no merge bet. The game has a lot of settings, just using them and calculating strategy. But if You were wondering it is better to view videos on Youtube.

the Following section BETTING — sports betting. If You are a football fan or just know that it is yours. The site really pays, so there is at Your discretion. Lose or win. If you lose, lose the bet, as usual. If you win, the prize Fund is divided between all who bet on the winner. Rates start from 500 Satos. When you Deposit, You get a raffle ticket. When funding for 500,000 Satos receive a Golden ticket. The word rate can be done at all. There are sports, there are politics. See for yourself.

Further, section GOLDEN TICKET is a Golden ticket. This is the section where you can watch what You have a number of gold tickets if You play on betting or the game, or buy a ticket. What does this ticket? As follows from the description You can win the car namely LAMBORGHINI, or withdraw the money of 200,000$ which will be converted to bitcoin and will displayed in the personal Cabinet. Of course bitcoins You can withdraw. Only the probability of winning is too small. But again You decide.

EARN BTC Next section, is translated as to earn bitcoins. In truth it is a very steep section. It says that after you collect 30,000 Satos is the sum output, you will be charged a 4.08% every day. Only this is assuming that You will not withdraw this amount, and she will lie in your personal Cabinet. As soon as the accumulated output and zero balance, You stop paying the daily interest. As you can see, I zeroed out the account and I'm not paid and will not pay, until you gain 30,000 Satos.

Turn to section LOTTERY — lottery. Works as a regular TV, only lottery tickets issued for passing the captcha, the game more and smaller bets. The meaning of this, every week 10 steps, everyone can win, if you look at the statistics of wins (it's on this page, at the bottom of the paytable), we can see that benefit people with completely different number of tickets. The smallest number of tickets 104, the gain amounted to 0,40949708 BTC. The largest number of tickets 11987317 pieces, just imagine how much was spent on them, the winnings amounted to 0,00079980 BTC. As you can see a huge number of tickets does not guarantee You a win. Also in this section you can buy those same tickets. The ticket price is 1 Satoshi. Below pictures from the page, and the same stats.

the Following section CONTEST — a competition. This section is a monthly contest referrals. Namely 2 of the competition. The first contest is how many referral I was playing and betting. The more someone's referrals have invested in the game and bet together wins. The second contest on the number of attracted referrals. Below is the table with winnings.

Section REFER — refer. I think here it should be clear that in the section all the information about referrals, and a link to attract, advertising banners and the number of attracted referrals. The table below shows the what are accruals and how much.

Further, click on more. It's not a partition but rather an opaque string. There are sections of REWARD, FAQ, PROFILE, and STATS.

And we turn to section REWARD — reward. If you remember, in the beginning, we were given 10 reward points for completing captchas. Still give them 5 pieces at a rate of 500 Satos in tab BETTING and 5 pieces for the game MULTIPLY at a total rate of 500 Satos. What we can do with them? Upon reaching 100000 points to redeem for Satoshi. One point is 1 Satoshi. And you can get down below to the store and spend the points, for example on the APPLE IPHONE 11 MAX PRO (512 GB). In General, you can spend not only on it. In addition to electronics, the points spent on hardware wallets to store bitcoins, but it is rather for Americans. Also for Americans section AMAZON gift cards for different amounts. For us, the more suitable increased Free Bonus is the one for which you enter a captcha. You can increase the results of lottery tickets and issuance of points.

Further FAQ — site rules. If you have questions, contact here. Don't know English, use translator.

Section of the profile. Here You can change your account settings, you have to register a bitcoin address, change of e-mail, change password, and so on. Of mandatory, you need to register CHANGE WITHDRAWAL ADDRESS is the address of your bitcoin wallet. And if you plan to earn large sums, install 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

and the last section of STATS is stats for the entire site. You can order personal statistics.

And finally, the most important thing. How to do a conclusion? It is already clear that the withdrawal is made by clicking on WITHDRAW. Only now there are 3 ways of withdrawal.

Consider the output of the way AUTO. The output occurs every Saturday. The smallest Commission for the withdrawal, which is available upon reaching 30,000 Satos. The Commission 7526 of Satos. If You fit this kind of output then put a tick on it.

the Way SLOW. Conclusion within 6-24 hours, the minimum amount for withdrawal of 30,000 Satos. The Commission 7526 of Satos. The output of this query if you want to withdraw this way, uncheck the AUTO section.

the third way of conclusion INSTANT. This way I do not recommend output. In this way a very large Commission, namely 31987 of Satos. At minimum output to 30,000 Satos can go into minus. Therefore, taking this method to make sure the withdrawal amount was greater than the amount of the fee. And so the withdrawal is made within 15 minutes.

Well, that's all. If you like the site, click on the button below, go and sign up.

All the while, and good earnings.