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Top 5 transfers. Teammate Jagr – "torpedo", Frattin back in the "Barys"

News of the KHL 22.05.2020 at 09:00

Krasotkin returned to Yaroslavl', Frattin – Nur-Sultan, Mishchenko changed coasts, and in Nizhny Novgorod landed teammate Jaromir Jagr. – the most perceptible of last week.

Anton Krasotkin. From "Admiral" in the "locomotive"

a Few years ago, a youth team from Yaroslavl took the Cup Kharlamov. The creators of the dominance of "Loco" in the MHL were father and son Krasotkina. At that time, it seemed their climbing club vertical is just a matter of time. Dmitry Krasotkin really entered the headquarters of "Locomotive", but only as an assistant. While Anton Krasotkin not played for his native club for three years. To get in the NHL young goalie had in a roundabout way. In Tolyatti that in Vladivostok it proved to be a reliable backup capable of conducting 25-30 matches per season.

Sergei Svetlov, who worked with him in the "Lada" and "Admiral", became a kind of godfather Krasotkin, Jr. And so he returned to Yaroslavl. However, in the "Locomotive", in addition to coming together with a new head coach Andrei Skabelka Edward Pasquale, there is a tandem of young goalies Ilya Konovalov – Daniel Isayev and Alexander Lazutin. For the right to be a changer of the canadian unfold a real massacre, in which Krasotkin will not be any handicap.

Ivan Mishchenko. From "Admiral" to "Sochi"

Another player "Admiral", which was in demand on the free agent market. Even despite the fact that Ivan Mishchenko was the worst performance of the utility in the team "-22" - it was a lot of applicants. Among the Russian defenders of "Admiral" more than he scored points only experienced Alexander Osipov. While Mishchenko's only 24 years old. For a defender that age at onset of bloom.

Ivan, who was once underestimated in their native "Avant-garde", will be progress. However, now on account of the pupil of Omsk there are several matches for the national team of Russia. And it's not only about the Olympic team, but first. Two years in a row defender "Admiral" was invited to the Eurotour. Now Mishchenko, replacing one seaside town to another, will act under the guidance of Alexander Andrievsky. The coach, under the supervision of which once to the KHL. Belarusian expert, as nobody knows the approach to the player.

Jakob Berglund. From "Neftekhimik" in "the Tractor"

Chelyabinsk fans are waiting Pontus åberg of Swedish forward of "Toronto", whose rights the black-and-white got into an exchange with the "Vityaz". But while the "Tractor" has only rights and the right to negotiate with potential newbie, the actual rookie of the Urals became another Swedish forward. A one-year contract with the team Anwar I signed Jakob Berglund.

the striker caught in the KHL championship from Germany, managed to play in Riga and Nizhnekamsk. And Girts Ankipans in an interview he explained that part of Berglunda Dynamo had to because of economic reasons. On the game he's the head coach of Riga were quite happy. Good Jacob looked in the "Neftekhimik", but there after the season once broke up with all the legionaries. Hardly Berglund invited to Chelyabinsk on the role of the main star, but to become a brick in the Foundation of the second of three he. Moreover, the Swedish rookie "Tractor" - universal, able to play both in the centre of attack or on the edge.

Matthew Frattin. Of "AK Bars" in the "Barys"

"During the quarantine, the nature so purified that...". Nur-Sultan this phrase in the spirit of the time may continue as "...Matthew Frattin back in the "Barys". For the North American foreign players who played in the Kazakhstan club is not the first time. Dustin Boyd again put on a form of white bars after a year's trip to Dynamo Moscow, Kevin Dallman briefly went to St. Petersburg, and Brandon Bochenski returned to Kazakhstan after a year out of hockey.

In General, the "Barys" for them – this is the house where love is always waiting. Is it appropriate to say that Frattin failed in Kazan? His performance, of course, fell, but two of the defender "AK Bars" scored more points than the canadian striker. However, Matthew still was among the leading players of the best team in the East. Kazan decided to search from good of good, by signing his legionary place Stephan Da Costa. Whereas for the "Barys" of Frattin became the first acquisition of this offseason. Previously, only Kazakhstan has extended contracts with existing players.

Brady Austin. From Kladno in Czech Extraliga (Czech Republic) "torpedo"

came out of hibernation one more team, whose selection was until recently issued only the sounds of silence. The first beginner "a torpedo" became Brady Austin. Canadian defender known for the fact that last season played for the same team with Jaromir Jagr and became the best scorer of "Kladno". In fairness it should be noted that the club, which is owned by Czech superstar, was relegated to the second League.

But the fact that Austin has become the most effective defender of the championship (43 points), already more like a sign of quality. In the NHL more than once frequented by the players, who owned the title of most effective player defense Extraliga. As we have developed their careers? Tronczynski Marek and Josef Hrabal Vladimir Roth failed. Did not work at Magnitogorsk and the American nick Sousa. But there are opposite examples. In good standing in several Russian clubs were Adam Polasek and Jakub Arts and today is one of the leaders of the "Vityaz". Although the points he once scored less than the recruit "a torpedo". Austin lacked any four points to break the record of Martin Hamrlik (46 points).