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What to do if husband doesn't want kids

Article 22.05.2020 at 07:34

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However, this is not a reason to give up, because there are ways that help to change the situation.

Male children

the First type is called infatrini. Such men do not consider themselves Mature enough to have a baby. They may constantly repeat that while I don't want to become fathers, but maybe then their opinion would change. This is a very comfortable position, it doesn't take away from a woman, but it does not add to his responsibility.

of Course, you need to try to have a serious talk with him about this topic, but if a man is an adult, it is unlikely to be persuaded. So decide for yourself what is best for you to stay with him, but without children, or find another person to create a full family.

Sometimes it so happens that this type of man not wanting a child because you behave like a little girl. In this case it would just be afraid that his shoulders will be the responsibility of not one child, but two. You need to begin to change yourself. It is not necessary to rebuild the man, he has to want to change.

Try to develop a calm and assertive approach to life, get rid of the habit to cry over nothing and constantly offended, learn to control yourself. Be sure to listen to the man. Try not just to hear but to understand what he wants to say to you, discuss with him the serious stuff. As soon as you feel that your relationship has become more of respect and understanding, you can go on the offensive.

Men are egocentric

the Second type is called selfish. Typically, these men think about that before birth the child must be ready socially and financially. They are called selfish because they care primarily about their capabilities, that their financial condition can be significantly reduced.

In this case, talk to the man about what he understands by the phrase "stand up on your feet." Ask him to tell you specific items and immediately begin to act. In any case, do not ask him for help, soon he will begin to help you. For example, he says that you need to buy an apartment. Start saving on all, saving money on housing. This will make him sober look at the situation.


the Third type are called perfectionists. If he doesn't want to have children because he wants to have his offspring lived to better himself, he is just too idealistic. Usually these men are just two ways of looking at things: black and white.

First, you need to get at least of bit of variety. Try to bring to life chaos: the unexpected, the messy house, etc. a Man needs a little getting used to relaxation. Then you can proceed to the attack: conversations in the dangers of late childbearing, sharing dreams about the baby and things like that.