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Jokes about the dog among wolves, Izya and tired engineer

Pectrum 22.05.2020 at 12:53

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Caught wolves a dog, I wanted to eat. The dog pleaded, — don't kill me! After all, we can say, brothers! Better take me to his pack, I'll help show how people have to steal sheep...Wolves got together and decided to leave the dog, come in handy. Two years lived dog in the pack, with the wolves were on an equal footing, the benefits, hunt helped. And then came the year of famine. The sheep ran in the woods is empty, the wolves of hunger bent. What to do? Decided to eat the dog.Eaten, their bones were buried and I think that on the grave to write? From friends? Good friends ate. From enemies? So after two years in the same flock have lived!Thought-thought and invented. Posted by: "colleagues".


Izzy took a girl of easy virtue, taking her in a taxi home. On the road asks what her fee. — Thousand rubles per hour.Izzy pulls out a calculator, says: — So, three minutes is enough, then fifty rubles. — Uh, no, hour — minimum time! — Sho I'll be with you to do a whole hour if it will take only three minutes?! — Well, do you want to talk...Izzy again takes on the calculator: — So, what we're like long distance we say?!


engineer Tired after work, took the little boy from the garden, heading home.Son: Dad, how does the sun rises every morning and sets every evening? Why?Engineer: Son, work, and to hell with him...

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