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How to store carrots

Swansea city 23.05.2020 at 03:16

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To the carrot as long as possible please with its fresh look and pleasant taste, you need to adhere to special conditions during growth and storage.

However, there are a few nuances influencing this factor. This variety of carrot and how Mature was the root at harvest. And the balance between glucose and sugar, and of course whether they have been damaged by infections or rodents.

How to store carrots, let's see. Harvest carrots very simple thing, you need to be able and keep. Most seemingly responsible owners, spoiled almost half of the harvested crop. And all just because they are incorrectly harvested or improperly transported it, or just improperly stored. Look for interesting recipes on the website

it certainly Can be funny, but on how to store carrots need to know before planting and harvest. For 5-7 days before harvest sprinkle carrot bed. This simple idea would facilitate pulling vegetables from the earth, will imbue them with additional moisture and will make the carrots juicier.

for 2-3 Days before harvest should be cut off carrot tops and leave the roots a few inches. And be sure to get rid of weeds using hoes, to the same and the soil gets loosened.

If you neglect these simple rules of the water contained in the vegetables evaporates, there will be a loss of a significant proportion of vitamins in the roots and wilting will occur much faster.

keep the storage of damaged vegetables, they can not stored for a long time. Do not rush to clean away the dirt, it performs a protective function for the carrots and prevents rot. The process of harvesting carrots is not particularly difficult.

All it is to pull a vegetable from the ground or to dig with shovels, shake off excess ground and put in bags or country car. From bear in the cellar should not, it takes some time to dry on the outside, about 2-3 days in a covered condition.

This manipulation is needed in order that the temperature of the vegetables evenly on the roots, as initially it is higher than the temperature outside.

During drying, the bad, the roots will begin to dry, and you can immediately take away spoiled vegetables from the survivors.

How to store carrots, before sending for long storage, place it in a wooden box and cover them with sand. Also very suitable for this sawdust.

whatever was peppered carrots, do not forget it all sprinkled with water. If the farm doesn't have any drawers, you can take plastic bags, making them pre-small holes.

the Optimum temperature for storing carrots is from 0 to +2 degrees. At -1 degrees vegetable will freeze slightly, and at +4 it will sprout.

follow these simple tips and they will be key to the long-term storage of carrots. Good harvests.

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