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In the U.S. Congress wanted to know about the talks trump and Putin on the ventilator

View 22.05.2020 at 23:29

Business newspaper "Sight"

The us President Donald trump may "give" ventilators for the sake of "personal interests", said in a letter to Democrats from the U.S. house of representatives to the White house.

Commenting on the transfer of Russia of the ventilator, the Democrats have said they believe trump is able to "send resuscitators to other countries as gifts or services that can serve as" its "political or personal interests." Thus, according to the Democrats, the devices can pass "without any meaningful strategic rationale, a thorough interagency process or rational reason for such actions."

the Congressmen said that the US itself is in dire need of resuscitators and requested documentation and financial statements relating to the equipment. They also want to see a summary of the talks, the American leader and President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reports TASS with reference to Bloomberg.

Recall that in Russia there has arrived the first party of the ventilator from the United States. It is expected that a second flight with 150 medical ventilators will arrive in Russia next week.