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Mercedes chooses electrification is synthetic fuel

Automotive news – "Motor" 22.05.2020 at 21:18

Car company Daimler said that it will not create a new source of synthetic fuel, which is often mentioned by the German media.

the Daimler company explained that different manufacturers of cars moving too quickly, considering synthetic fuels as the main energy source for all cars made after 2025.

the Head of the research Department of Daimler Markus Schafer stated that the rush to write off conventional cars with internal combustion engines too early. If a different company will begin a quick reformat and the transition to vehicles running on synthetics, it can lead to unhealthy competition in the global market.

Marcus Schaefer talked about the fact that Daimler sees nothing wrong with alternative energy sources, but to consider them as core for new cars only after 7-10 years.

up To this point, Daimler plans to develop electrified branch of the company that she had, in the opinion of management of the concern. works great. Separately noted that the development of new electric cars will reduce their costs and to make public means of transport.