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Tweak Goodges will help to change the appearance of the badge notification

Entertainment 27.05.2020 at 01:10

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In most cases, users are standard badges of notifications that appear get the app icons, very quietly. However, to prune and those to whom they are illiterate much like me. Just turn around, that interests them and created raskulachivanie called Goodges.

the Goodges tweak will help owners of Apple's mobile devices violate a married ver the appearance of the notifications. In choice there is a lot of different options. Example, users can do so that the area of the notification display Lesedi application icons.

In turn in Goodges there are different formats of notifications. For example, the icons may draw only the number representing production notification, or but it is possible to increment more, and the text "1 message", "update 3", etc.

to Pump Goodges in Cydia for nothing.