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What is geotextile: applications

All about chainsaws 31.05.2020 at 07:13

All about chainsaws, their device and related materials and equipment

Geotextile is a synthetic fabric. The scope of its application is quite wide. When choosing the material you need to consider its density. Since this indicator depends on the application of the geotextile.

the features of the geotextile

Geotextile in Moscow can be made entirely of synthetic fibers or in combination with natural fibers. However, the first option is most often used when performing different jobs because of their preferential features, which include:

the geotextile does not respond to the chemical environment; can be applied regardless of changes in temperatures that range from -60° C to +110°C; material endowed with a high level of tensile strength; geotextile elastic material.

speaking of geotextile for arrangement of drainage system, material containing natural fibers for performing such tasks will not work.

the Ceiling of the geotextile may be held together in different ways. That is, for a drainage system the best way of paintings the geotextile is heat the connection method.

In fact, the geotextile is a porous material, so the drainage system was operated for a long time, for the arrangement should apply not only gravel, but the geotextile, which prevents infiltration of soil into the gravel.

due to this, the crushed stone a long time not contaminated the ground and freely pass water.

What is the density of the geotextile is to be applied for different jobs

Despite the fact that the geotextile with high density is offered at a higher cost, it justifies such costs because its reinforcing properties is high, which contributes to water retention.

the Exact classification of the geotextile density, you can allocate the material in this parameter is only conditionally.

If the density is up to 100g/m, then a geotextile can be applied only to the arrangement of the landscape. For use in conventional soils strong enough to be the density of the geotextile from 100 to 200 g/m. If the work carried out with landslides and soft ground, the density shall be not less than 300g/m. For construction of highways, runways optimal solution will be geotextile with a density of from 500 to 800 g/m.

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