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The Italian South is threatened with extinction, or migration flows in Italy

Naples Slavonic 03.06.2020 at 03:12

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Migration flows in Italy is directed from South to North

According to the research center Svimez, the regions of southern Italy may soon become deserted, and production will cease to function. Now people are mass leaving the area of the country due to the lack of jobs and the environmental situation.

the Mass emigration to the Northern regions of Italy allows you to find jobs for the poor Italians. From the point of view of material well-being, the population of the South remains without work and living below the poverty line. The number of such families has reached 1 million 140 thousand. (Reports

some of the Italian regions already dangerous for living and health of the population, because, for example, in the Campaign very long period was the incineration of toxic waste of the entire state. Naples in Slavonic