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Uzbek and Chinese scientists open new horizons for the construction industry

Building materials industry, according to experts, in the coming years will be one of the main drivers for the growth of national economies and introduction of modern scientific developments and high technologies. Today the world produces a unique energy efficient and technologically advanced materials, having a high demand in any market.

on the development of such innovative products aimed Tashkent architectural-construction Institute and Wuhan University of technology, signed a Memorandum on mutual cooperation.

Quality construction

the Builders and manufacturers often argue – what is more important in the construction of facilities, the quality of building materials and their proper use. For example, even the most advanced Wallpaper can manage to stick so that after a week they will fall off. But, on the other hand, a quality product is much harder to mess up than a cheap fake.

Modern construction materials shall meet the requirements of environmental safety, be durable, have high heat and sound insulation, low energy production, and optimal production cost. One of the major global trends – the increasing expense of thermal protection of buildings, saving of fuel and energy resources spent for heating. And Uzbekistan, thanks to the help of Chinese partners, there is something to be proud of.

the Domestic industry in a short time mastered the production of foam concrete and aerated concrete, the use of which allows to significantly save on heating. For example, a house made of cellular concrete is 20%-40% reduction in heating costs, despite the fact that the wall thickness is standard. The development of this segment has helped the supply of modern equipment from China. Today the technological line for the production of such materials have been successfully working in all areas of the country. The same situation in other areas where the expertise and technology of China can in a short time to start production of modern construction materials.

Scientific basis

Life does not stand still and worldwide every year hundreds of thousands of different objects. Each of them need building materials, the contractors always pay special attention to the innovations in the market, which are able to reduce the cost of the overall process of construction. This is a huge market where decent can take place and the Uzbek-Chinese design, especially that of China has long been in the lead in this direction.

the Cooperation of the Tashkent architectural-construction Institute (TACI) and Wuhan University of technology began in November 2017, when the delegation of national University, visited China. The goal of this trip was the Memorandum of understanding signed in January 2018. After that, the partnership between the two universities began to actively move forward, there has been increased communication at all levels.

a little more than a year, it became clear that the joint work interesting to both parties, and they went on, concluding in April of last year a Memorandum on mutual exchange of faculty and students.

"before his signature, at the end of 2018, the universities reached an agreement on the implementation of key project for the future of the building materials industry in Uzbekistan. One of the teachers TASI, a grant Fund of "El-Yurt umidi" passed a two-month internship in a Chinese University. Together with colleagues from China, he came to the conclusion that countries should establish a joint research laboratory to study building materials. Currently this project is under active implementation, despite the pandemic coronavirus", – said head of chair of TACI, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Abdunabi Tulaganov.

In General, in 2018 in the Wuhan University of technology were trained three undergraduate and ten graduate students. Currently the University has one doctoral student and three students.

it is Interesting that the Chinese University has become a kind of conduit for TACI in developing ties with other educational institutions of the PRC. So, thanks to him in November last year, the Uzbek delegation visited China and held talks with representatives of Chongqing University, the results of which was signed a cooperation agreement.

One of the key points of the document include a joint research project on the creation and study of cementitious materials that do not emit carbon dioxide

in the atmosphere. In addition, during the visit, the Uzbek scientists were able to read a few lectures at Chongqing University, exchange experience with colleagues, study their achievements and equipment in a specialized laboratory.

the Vector of cooperation

At the Tashkent architectural construction Institute now carries out scientific research work in the field of creation and study of various concretes, including light, using small and clinkerless cements, create new compositions and technologies of their production.

the Purpose of the Chinese-Uzbek research project is conducting research in the area of creation and study of new energy - saving binders and lightweight concrete on the basis of technogenic and mineral raw materials using modern physical-chemical and mechanical methods.

"this includes the establishment of a unique research cluster for production of lightweight concrete, i.e. the organization of a full production cycle with the development of new formulations of low - and clinkerless cements, creation on their basis of building materials with the launch of the production line products. Today has prepared a detailed road map for the implementation of this initiative," – said Tulaganov.

as for the joint laboratory, it will be equipped with the most modern equipment that will enable you to start a new phase of research of gas - and foam concrete, lightweight concrete, and the use of nanotechnologies in production of construction materials. Overall, the project can become one of the leading initiatives in scientific cooperation between the two countries and a major contribution to the development of Uzbekistan's economy.

the Representatives of the Uzbek side to emphasize that further development of scientific relations between the Tashkent architectural-construction Institute and Chinese universities will be a good Foundation to strengthen the strategic Alliance of universities of the "One belt, one road", which became an excellent platform for partnership of countries along the economic belt of the silk road.