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What kind of heating is better to choose for office?

The Answer to this question know in the Kiev office of a leading international company on selection and testing of staff where already using modern heating.

will Agree, if you are a freelancer ☺ that most of the day people spend at work in the office, at work, in shopping areas and the like. Therefore, it is important for us as the climate in the team, personal effectiveness and the conditions in which are all working hours.

Having secured all the necessary work space, comfortable chair, office equipment, and even delicious coffee and tea, is not all that we need. There is another important aspect of a comfortable stay in office. In the cold season is the heat in the room. Much better to concentrate on the implementation of paragraphs week plan, to be productive, when the important thoughts and deeds are not the distraction of cold feet and nose ☺.

the Ukrainian company approach the solution of the question of heating for the office in different ways. But "Performia", specializing in recruitment and testing of personnel, chose a modern electric heating. The contractor for the installation of a new heating system in the room where the company is based was made by the organization of Kropivnitsky - "Trammel heat."

the Team was so happy with the installed system that the Director of the Kiev office "performia's" shared his impressions from the heating system in this video review, which is posted in social networks.

"We are literally a month ago, even a month and a half ago I found these panels, and I recently saw a VERY big savings on utilities. This is a direct not 10 percent, not 20. We are twice less this month, paid the utilities. This is the first such the most important aspect, I guess. Second, of course, we have become much warmer. We have a house not very new, has a small heat loss. These panels and regulators were given the ability to customize the heat like we want to do in different rooms of a totally different temperature, as comfortable people. This is certainly a huge plus. And third, what was also important, guys, we installed this system, very professional, very properly did it all, quickly, without distracting our activities, and all this was done with minimal losses. Therefore, we are grateful for this and all recommend Trammel the heat! Is definitely warmer, more economical, and very nice! Thank you!".

So, we can say that another way of increasing employee engagement is the creation of heat in their area of stay. And of course, when choosing a new heating system you need to take care of future expenses, establishing economical and energy efficient.

About the company:

"Trammel heat" - Kropiwnicki design and Assembly company. Since 2006 is engaged in the sale of electric heaters and installation of heating systems at customer sites in Kropyvnyts'ke, Svitlovodsk, Alexandria, and Dnipropetrovsk region. The company provides a comprehensive service in the course of individual heating arrangement: the calculation of the required power of the system, production proyektno-budget documentation, a segment of the old batteries (if any), installation of heaters.