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Check-in Individual gas Cabinet: easy, convenient

Today, in order to transmit meter readings to pay shipping or gas to check the status of account, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort, say in JSC "dnepropetrovskgaz". All these gas issues can be resolved anywhere, at work, during trips or at home from the couch!

All thanks to the convenient and simple online services that are specifically developed for consumers of JSC "dnepropetrovskgaz".

To You for a long time not the postman comes, but You still can't give up paper receipts? Download and print your own from your Personal account on the website There also is a monthly capture data from the metering devices and control of the account.

the Personal account is the most popular online service among consumers of JSC "dnepropetrovskgaz". If You still have not created, use the Express registration. Call the contact centre (tel: (067) 00 90 104) and name the account number. Username and password for Your personal login to the site will create automatically and send SMS.

to Transmit meter readings and pay for the delivery of gas instead of parents, older relatives or neighbors in the chat-bot Viber 7104ua. This unique remote service allows you to register multiple personal accounts and manage them!

Go to "online" - save energy, time and protect your health!